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Crash Scene Investigation

Crash scene investigators are responsible for not only taking photographs of the scene, they also have to take detailed measurements of vehicle positions, surrounding landmarks and anything else that may be relevant to the cause of the crash.

Crash Scene Mapping Tools & Techniques Webinar
Crash Scene Mapping Tools
And Techniques Webinar - 2013

There are really only 3 tools an investigator can use to map a crash or crime scene. You can use a conventional tape measure or wheel, a total station or a LTI laser. All 3 have their advantages and disadvantages, but only one tool is truly measurably superior when you consider the following factors about crash scenes.

Time is of the essence - the faster you can clear a scene the safer everyone becomes. Traffic accidents are known to cause secondary accidents, which make investigators on the scene and surrounding civilians susceptible to getting hurt. Investigators can't rush the process either because if a serious injury or a fatality occurred, it's extremely important to collect all the necessary position data for courtroom purposes.

Crash scene mapping using lasers

This is precisely why LTI's laser mapping system is so ideal for crash scene investigators. By utilizing the power of reflectorless technology, you can make measurements to vehicles or any surrounding landmark without the need of a 2nd person holding a prism pole. Using a LTI laser not only saves time, it also reduces the safety liability for you and your team.

Some crash scenes can be very large and complex or within extreme terrain that could prevent the use of conventional measurement tools or mapping methods. This is why we designed our field software with 3 choices in mapping techniques. Depending upon the area you have to work with will depend upon which technique will be the most effective for you.

Crash scene mapping in rough terrain using lasers

Your department's overall budget, training time and changing personnel are all contributing factors when deciding what to buy for your investigation team. LTI offers a laser that can be used to measure speeds and then once it's toggled into survey mode, it can measure distances and heights.

Purchasing a TruSpeed Sx laser makes sense because it serves a dual purpose and can easily integrate with our field mapping software. Minimal training is required, so if there is a change in personnel it won't take a lot of time and money to get a new investigator up to speed.

Marine Accident Investigation mapping using lasers

Marine Accident Investigation

LTI's laser mapping measurement products are being used by marine investigators around the world to assist them with maritime incidents. Unlike land, objects on the water continue to move once the crash takes place making it extremely challenging for marine investigators to get the points of collision whenever there is a accident at sea. Our products allow investigators to get what is needed as best as possible under these conditions. From boating accidents - whether it be collision, fire or groundings - to other events on the water, the TruPulse 200x laser rangefinder combined with the MapStar TruAngle, can safely provide the measurements needed to map out the scene.

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