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Timber cruisers can now make tree heights and monitoring slope grades a simple task. Surveying jobs such as sale boundaries and stem mapping can now become effortless. If you are involved with mill operations and need to measure chip or log volumes, nothing could be easier than when using our laser rangefinders and software solutions.

Laser rangefinder measuring tree height prompting for angle 2

Imagine not having to wade through creeks or fight through foliage just to get a usable field measurement. With the revolutionary compass technology found in the TruPulse 360, you decide how and where you want to shoot, allowing you to measure reliable azimuth data when pointing at steep angles. Add a foliage filter and start penetrating dense brush as if it weren't even there; or set your laser to farthest mode and be positive that you are not picking up any unwanted obstructions.

A touch of a button turns measuring tree heights and monitoring slope grade into simple tasks. Surveying jobs such as sale boundaries and stem mapping become effortless. 

Laser rangefinder with built in compass
TruPulse 360 Laser Rangefinders

Most of our laser-based measurement tools are small enough to fit in your vest pocket, yet powerful enough to deliver dependable, mapping-grade accuracy. They are even powered by (2) AA batteries so it requires very little space for carrying replacements.

With its 4X magnification optics, LTI's TruPulse 200L is the ideal solution to acquire tree measurements, while the TruPulse 200X offers ruggedized waterproof housing and provides highly accurate measurements in any environment.

So whether you're modeling the trees or harvesting them; laying out engineering plans or managing the ecosystem, our laser rangefinders allow you to acquire more data on more targets - all from a location of your choice. The days of hip chains and clinos are gone.

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