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Photo Lidar vs. Photo Radar

Photo lidar is the combination of laser speed measurement technology and full color digital imaging designed for providing rock-solid photographic evidence of speed violations. One of the major advantages of photo lidar versus other available technologies is that LTI's lasers offer pinpoint targeting, which increases the validity of each speed measurement. Also, capturing full color digital photos and saving files electronically drastically cuts down on time and costs during post processing.

photo lidar using laser technology and TruCAM

A software interface is needed to make these two technologies work and be reliable to stand up in court, which is why we created a tamper-proof system. LTI's photo lidar system not only measures and records the speed and captures an image of the vehicle and license plate; it also logs the time, date, location, distance, traveling direction, operator ID and badge number, and tamper status.

Due to defendants demanding additional evidence that proves their guilt in violating a speed limit, law enforcement agencies are seeking new technology that provides incontestable evidence.

In some countries, the general public is no longer accepting the officer's word when they are being issued a speeding violation. This is why LTI has dedicated time in developing a photo lidar system that will discourage courtroom battles and increase a department's efficiency.

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