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QuickMap 3D Mapping Packages

Quick and Easy Crash / Crime Scene Field Mapping Software! 

QuickMap 3D v6.0 Data Collector Basic Package
Part No - 7035067-1
For current LTI customers wishing to upgrade to the latest technology in Crash & Crime Scene Reconstruction Mapping, LTI's devised a basic upgrade package.
Package Includes:
Part No Product
3255052 BAP S810-C Data Collector
3255067 LTI 4 Pin To Mini USB Cable
3204690 QuickMap 3D V6.0 CD w/Electronic Manual
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QuickMap 3D v6.0 Total Pro AI Kit
Part No - 7035069-1
When used with either the UltraLyte 200LR or Impulse Laser the Total AI Pro Kit takes only one officer to measure a scene by the Officer shooting two reference points for every point placed on the map.
Package Includes:
Part No Product
3504272 Bi-Pod Legs
3003021 Brass 5/8 to 1/4-20 Adapter
3504236 Impulse/MapStar Staff
7040012 Mounting Kit
3004965 Quick Release Cradle-BAP/Juno
7035067-1 QuickMap 3D v6.0 Data Collector Basic Package
3123473 Tripod/Prism Sherpa
7034235 UltraLyte "L" Yoke w/o Mount
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QuickMap 3D V6.0 Angle Encoder/TruAngle Kit
Part No - 7035070-1
The QuickMap 3D Angle Encoder Kit works in conjunction with the MapStar Angle Encoder or the MapStar TruAngle and an UltraLyte 200LR or Impulse laser, which provides the bearing of the object from a fixed reference point, while the laser provides the distance.
Package Includes:
Part No Product
3004668 8'5" Prism Pole
7035126 AE/TA Bracket Kit
3124649 Impulse/MapStar TruAngle Case
3004667 Plumb Bob
3504631 Pole Clamp; Holds Cradle
3004965 Quick Release Cradle-BAP/Juno
7035067-1 QuickMap 3D v6.0 Data Collector Basic Package
7035107 Strobe Prism Assy w/ 6 Batteries Pkg
3504630 Survey Tripod
3123473 Tripod/Prism Sherpa
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