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QuickMap 3D Mapping Packages

Quick and Easy Crash / Crime Scene Field Mapping Software! 

QuickMap 3d V6.x Data Collector Basic Package
Part No - 7035067-1
For current LTI customers wishing to upgrade to the latest technology in Crash and Crime Scene Reconstruction mapping, LTI has devised a basic data collector package featuring the BAP S810C data collector and QuickMap 3D data collection software
Package Includes:
3255090 Archer 2 STD WiFi/BT Data Collector
3255067 LTI 4pin To Mini USB Cable
3204690 QuickMap 3d V6.x Software w/ User Manual (CD)
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Quickmap 3d V6.x Total Pro Ai Kit
Part No - 7035069-1
When used with either the TruSpeed Sx, TruSpeed Sxb or TruPulse 200X laser, the Total AI Pro Kit takes only one officer to measure a scene by the Officer shooting two reference points for every point placed on the map.
Package Includes:
3003021 Brass 5/8 F To 1/4-20 Adapter
3504236 Impulse/MapStar Staff: Includes #3504631
3504272 LTI Bi-Pod Legs
7040012 Mounting Kit
3004965 Quick Release Cradle- BAP/Juno
7035067-1 QuickMap 3d V6.x Data Collector Basic Package
3123473 Tripod Prism Sherpa
7034235 UltraLyte "L" Yoke w/o Mount
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QuickMap 3D V6.x Angle Encoder/TruAngle Kit
Part No - 7035070-1
The QuickMap 3D Angle Encoder Kit works in conjunction with the MapStar TruAngle and a TruSpeed Sx, TruSpeed Sxb, or TruPulse 200X laser, which provides the bearing of the object from a fixed reference point, while the laser provides the distance.
Package Includes:
3004668 8'5" Prism Pole
7035126 AE/TA Bracket Kit
3124649 Impulse/MapStar TruAngle Soft Side Case
3004667 Plumb Bob
3504631 Pole Clamp; Holds Cradle And Quick Release Tips
3004965 Quick Release Cradle- BAP/Juno
7035067-1 QuickMap 3d V6.x Data Collector Basic Package
7035107 Strobe Prism Assy w/ 6 Batteries Pkg
3504630 Survey Tripod
3123473 Tripod Prism Sherpa
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