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QuickMap 3D Mapping Software

Quick and Easy Crash / Crime Scene Field Mapping Software! 

Quickmap 3D Overview

Quickmap 3D (QM3D) field data collection software gives investigators the flexibility needed for crash and crime scene mapping. It’s a simple yet powerful program that easily integrates with LTI laser devices and mapping accessories. This program was specifically designed to be easy to operate so more time can be spent mapping rather than training.

Collect and store data points in the field and display calculations between any two points in a map right in the field. Build as you go or upload a custom "pick list" of commonly used descriptions from your PC to identify measurement points in the field, such as edge of pavement, curb, light pole or any other elements of the scene. Maps can be imported into any of the most popular CAD programs so you can diagram your way.

Quality-check data points as you go with the interactive touch-screen map display. The three mapping techniques available in QuickMap 3D can accommodate every situation investigators encounter. Learn the details on these mapping techniques as well as additional QuickMap features below.

QuickMap 3D Help Menu Screens
QuickMap 3D Screen Shots

Baseline Offset Method

This method requires you to walk a straight line from one end of the scene to the other, taking all shots at a right angle to each feature. You can use just a laser without the need of an angle encoder or MapStar TruAngle.

Range Triangulation Method

This method requires you to identify two control points to which you will have a clear line of sight from the majority of the evidence. To map each feature, you simply occupy it and shoot a distance to each control point. You can use just a laser without the need of an angle encoder or MapStar TruAngle.

Radial with Angle Method

This method allows you to collect multiple points from one position using a single angular reference. Simply set up in a safe place and rotate the laser toward any feature to position it. The LTI MapStar TruAngle is required and a prism pole is recommended.

Review Point Data

QuickMap 3D Data Point Detail screen capture
QuickMap 3D Screen Shots

Easily review the coordinates and notes associated with each collected data point with the Point Detail feature. This feature can give you more confidence that the point you measured is the correct one before you leave the site. Additionally edit points, review raw measurements for each point, and view all the measurement values in a tabular format.

Helpful Tips & Reminders

QuickMap 3D was designed for non-surveyors. This is why our software offers help screens for each mapping method that explains the meaning of all the icons/buttons. Helpful reminders also are displayed throughout the program, for example, after setting the control points. The reminders vary and depend on the mapping method you are working with.

Saving Data & Creating Reports

QM3D can generate a variety of reports that can be easily transferred into an array of CAD-based diagramming programs. Once you sync your data collector to your desktop, you can export all your collected points in the following formats: (*.txt), (*.csv), (*.dxf), (*.raw), (*.bmp - in both small and large files). Depending on your data collection device, you could also email the files from the data collector and skip the cabled transfer.

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