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Speed Enforcement / Measurement

The use of lasers or lidar (light detection and ranging) for speed enforcement is growing every year and will soon be the standard for law enforcement departments around the world. Laser Technology's design process for speed equipment is driven by the demands of real world needs.  Enforcing speeds within multilane highways and discouraging the use of radar and lidar detectors are just a few. The most important need law agencies have to address is that their speed enforcement equipment has to stand up in court.

Speed lasers used for speed enforcement

All LTI laser devices have pinpoint targeting, which is the only effective way to enforce speeds within multilane traffic. The laser's beam is approximately 3 feet wide when it reaches a distance of 1000 feet away. This is how our equipment makes it possible for officers to visually identify a speeding vehicle, pinpoint its exact location on the roadway, and then validate its precise speed.

Due to the laser's signal being instantaneous, radar and lidar detectors are useless. Even if a lidar detector alarms the driver, it is already too late. All our lasers can make a measurement within 0.3 seconds, so by the time your detector recognizes our laser's signal, the officer will already have a speed-reading on you. What about laser jammers? LTI lasers will still capture a measurement and even indicate that a jammer was used.

Laser speed enforcement in France

Law enforcement agencies need reliable equipment, which is why LTI has gone to such lengths to ensure every speed-reading that is generated and displayed is true and correct.

Only our laser speed guns have LTI's exclusive Accuracy Validation software, which ensures the accuracy of every speed measurement before it even displays reading in the device. Accuracy validation is what makes all LTI lasers the most dependable speed device in the world, and why they have always stood up in court.

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