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Measuring Speed and Imaging

Measure Speed and Imaging

Definition of Speed: a) 1: the act or state of moving swiftly : SWIFTNESS 2: rate of motion: as (1) : VELOCITY 1 (2) : the magnitude of a velocity irrespective of direction c : IMPETUS b) swiftness or rate of performance or action : VELOCITY.

Definition of Imaging: a) 1: the creation of visual representations of objects, such as a vehicle license plates, for the purpose of  data collection, using any of a variety of usually computerized techniques.
LTI has successfully combined precise laser speed measurement and digital imaging to make indisputable and highly enforceable speed enforcement tools. The TruCAMĀ® and TruSpeedĀ® Sxb + SpeedCapture App offer the most advanced technology used all over the world and have been consistently reducing traffic fatalities.

Applicable Products
Classic PicoDigiCam
The PicoDigiCam sets the bar for capturing the most clear and vivid videos and license plate images. The classic version is compatible to work with LTI's 20/20 UltraLyte, TruSpeed and the TruSpeed Se laser for a complete photo speed enforcement system.
LTI 20-20 TruCAM
The LTI 20/20 TruCAM is an All-in-one digital video camera / laser speed and ranging device with a built-in PDA designed to offer traffic officers with irrefutable full color digital-video and still-imaging evidence for enforcement purposes.
PicoDigiCam LR
The LR version is the ultimate upgrade for the ability to capture clear images of a license plate almost four times the distance than the classic version. It enhances the ShareView capabilities by remotely adjusting the iris, focus, as well as the day and night filter. The TruPulse Se is included in the price of the PicoDigiCam LR.
TruSpeed Sxb w/ Bluetooth
The TruSpeed Sxb speed measurement and mapping laser, now with iOS and Android compatible Bluetooth, syncs with a smartphone app to capture and store a picture of the vehicle.

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