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Traffic Safety Products

Laser Technology offers a wide range of laser-based products for Law Enforcement agencies for everything from speed enforcement to crash scene investigations. For more information click on the product links below. To locate specific products and accessories use our Product Finder.


Affordable, lightweight and easy to operate, the TruSpeed is one of the most economic and reliable laser speed devices on the market.


The first all-in-one, handheld video that collects and stores a complete chain of evidence for speeding, tailgating and aggressive driving violations.

UltraLyte Series

The most durable and versatile laser series with models for speeding, tailgating and crash scene mapping.

DBC Tailgating Firmware

The only enforcement tool that validates tailgating violations by calculating the time and distance between vehicles.

QuickMap 3D Software

An easy to use field data collection software program giving you 3 unique mapping techniques to choose from.

MapStar TruAngle

A unique mapping accessory that allows you to collect multiple data points from a single location.

CrashZone Software

Easily transfer all your QuickMap 3D field data into CrashZone and start creating court-room ready diagrams.

Mapping Packages

Choose among 3 complete mapping packages that are designed to accommodate specific requirements for different crash investigation teams.

Impulse Series

A very accurate distance and height laser designed specifically for crash/crime scene mapping.

SpeedStat v2.1 Software

Instantly record and report traffic statistics by integrating your LTI UltraLyte laser and SpeedStat.

TruPulse Series

A low cost, high performance handheld laser rangefinder capable of measuring long range distances, heights and even azimuth.

TruSense T Series

This fully programmable laser sensor is capable of measuring material levels, proximity detection and many other industrial applications.

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