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Traffic Safety Videos

Watch Laser Technology's videos to learn techniques and tips for using laser measurement for Traffic Safety applications such as speed enforcement, crash scene investigation, distracted driving, and tailgating enforcement.

TS Videos


Traffic Safety Products and
Applications Overview - 2014

Traffic Safety Applications

Crash Investigation

Next Generation Mapping Technology
Crash and Crime Scenes Webinar
- 06/16/16

Crash Scene Mapping Tools
and Techniques Webinar - 05/29/13

Crash Scene Mapping Tools and
Techniques Webinar - 06/27/12

Photo Video Lidar

TruViewer DBC Video

TruViewer Rear Plate Mode Video

TruViewer Speed Mode Video

Distracted Driving

Combating Distracted Driving
Webinar 07/15/14

Tailgating Enforcement

Tailgating Validation Video

Traffic Safety Program Videos

Grant Writing

Grant Writing Guidance For
Traffic Safety Equipment 08/28/13


Resourceful Tips and Practices
for Officer Safety 11/01/16

Part 1 - Problem Identification
And Program Implementation
Webinar 2/24/16


NLEC Part 2 - Assessing Outcomes
Webinar 3/12/16

Traffic Safety Programs Through
The National Law Enforcement
Challenge Webinar 04/09/15

2015 National Law Enforcement
Challenge Quick-Start Guide

National Law Enforcement
Challenge Part 3 - 04/08/14

National Law Enforcement
Challenge Part 2 - 02/26/14

National Law Enforcement Challenge
Part 1 - 11/19/13

Traffic Safety Products Videos






TruSpeed Sx


TruSpeed S

TruSpeed In Action

TruSpeed Animated Cartoon

TruSense Traffic Sensors

LTI's High Tech Laser Traffic
Sensors Put To The Test -

TruSense T-Series Laser
Traffic Sensor

T-Series Laser
Overhead - Vic Roads

TruSense Traffic Sensors

T-Series Laser
Overhead - Vic Roads

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