2012 SAF National Convention - Spokane, WA

by Admin 2. October 2012 12:03

Join Laser Technology on October 24 - 28 in Spokane, Washington at the 2012 SAF (Society of American Foresters) National Convention. Known as being the the premier professional forestry and natural resources event in the United States, this is a must attend for professionals in More...

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October is National NeighborWoods™ Month!

by mphippen 1. October 2012 09:55

Laser Technology Laser Measurement Products Take the Guesswork Out of Planting a Tree.

"National NeighborWoods™ Month celebrates the value of trees in communities and engages volunteers to take action to green their neighborhoods. Each October, National NeighborWoods™ Month unites local community groups nationwide to draw attention to the immense value of urban forests for building vibrant neighborhoods. When National NeighborWoods™ Month began in 2005; just 28 local ACTrees (Alliance for Community Trees) member organizations participated. Now organizations in hundreds of cities are joining together each October to promote our common message: trees are critical for successful communities."More...

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LTI Partnering with College Students

by scolburn 26. September 2012 16:25

There are several technical colleges around the country that educate their students specifically on the use of explosives for blasting in the mining industry. One of these is Bridgemont Community and Technical College in Montgomery, WV. LTI recently teamed up with industry partner RAM, Inc. in an effort to supply equipment and training to Associate Professor and Blasting Program Coordinator, Brian Wingfield and his current class of students. More...

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LTI Historical Moment - First Recreational Rangefinder

by mphippen 24. September 2012 10:32

Mike Phippen of Laser Technology recalls creating the first recreational rangefinder.

LTI partnered with Bushnell Optics in 1994 to create the first low-cost recreational rangefinder for golfing and hunting. We not only developed the technology that makes the distance measurements possible, but we also helped design the products themselves. Today, Bushnell is the most popular recreational rangefinder in the world, and LTI is still active in developing their next generation of products.More...

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LTI Historical Moment - Creating A Close Proximity Laser for NASA

by emiller 17. September 2012 13:10

Eric Miller of Laser Technology Recalls Building A Custom Laser for Space Docking Missions.

When we started the company in 1986, we had no idea that we would be designing and building lasers for the US government. It was an incredible moment when LTI first started working with them over 25 years ago designing a laser that measured distances between 2 planes in-flight for a de-icing exercise. Then in 1991, we were approached by NASA -- they needed a handheld laser that could measure both distance and speed More...

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Reliable, Precise Data Needed for Forestry Industry

by mphippen 2. September 2012 09:35

LTI Provides Laser Measurement Solutions for Responsible Land Management.

In an article by Andrew Creasey, reporter for Herald and News in Oregon, he inadvertently lays out a future blueprint guiding the business of Forestry. He also points to declining forest harvests and continued budget cuts further exacerbating this ongoing conflict between commercial land managers and environmentalists. More...

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OCAD 11 Delivers Whatever it Takes to Make Your Maps Perfect.

by nackerson 29. August 2012 10:05

OCAD - a premier Cartographic and Georeference software developer located in Switzerland has a new version of mapping software released that has over 100 new features and numerous improvements. OCAD is available in 13 languages and is being used successfully in more that 65 countries. OCAD is a business partner with Laser Technology, Inc. and now offers connection to enable the use of a laser rangefinder in the field while collecting point data. More...

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Surveying European Farms for Subsidies

by Admin 23. August 2012 12:10

European farmers, when asking for grants, often have to declare the area to be subsidized. This area can be agricultural or forest land. The area of the agricultural land is commonly measured by GNSS equipment. However, in forest, treetops and underbrush or any steep slope screen GPS antenna. This can significantly reduce or completely degrade the signal reception, significantly reducing the accuracy or prohibitively increasing the time needed to capture this signal. More...

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LTI Historical Moment - The Criterion

by aclarke 6. August 2012 09:55

The Laser that Revolutionized Forest Mapping and Measuring Forever.

It was because of the United States Forest Service that LTI initially got involved in the professional measurement industry. Over the years, the USFS had worked with several companies to try to develop an electronic device that would quickly measure tree height and upper stem diameter, but to no avail.

LTI CEO David Williams called the Forest Service to offer help and they told him that if Laser Technology could solve the problem, the agency would buy 2,000 sets of equipment. LTI immediately started working on the solution that would revolutionize measuring for all foresters. More...

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ArcPad® Users: Take the LaserGIS® Challenge

by padkins 24. July 2012 04:35

Laser Technology Offers GIS Mobile Mapping Challenge.

Laser Technology, Inc. (LTI) is officially presenting all ArcPad® users with a GIS mobile mapping challenge. This campaign is offering an opportunity to test out an LTI TruPulse® 360 mapping laser and the LaserGIS® ArcPad® extension completely free. Anyone willing to take the challenge needs to register for a 15-minute webcast. The webcast explains in detail how this campaign works and will automatically enter you into a drawing to win a rugged and waterproof TruPulse® 360 R laser rangefinder and a full license of LaserGIS® for ArcPad®. It also qualifies you to receive all the special offers available with this campaign, such as LTI’s TruPulse® free trial program, unlimited access to training videos, special bundle pricing and more. More...

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