Laser Technology, Inc. and Juniper Systems Team up for Log Deck Volume Campaign

by padkins 9. January 2014 14:18

Laser Technology, Inc. (LTI) and Juniper Systems are teaming up to co-promote a campaign giving everyone up to three chances to win a complete laser-based log deck volume solution. The package includes an LTI TruPulse® 360R laser rangefinder, LTI Log Deck Volume Solution software as well as Juniper System’s most recently released handheld, rugged data collector called the Archer® 2. More...

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LTI TruPulse and Criterion RD 1000 Used Globally for Sustainable Forest Management

by KHarrold 12. December 2013 10:43

Sustainable forest management is an important issue because forests are a dynamic part of the conservation of biodiversity, energy supply, and soil and water protection. A recent video called Mapping Forests—The Path to Green Growth, highlights this information. The video shows a country with a model sustainable forest management program, Finland, who is striving to spread the word about their best practices. One of these shared practices is using the most modern and efficient equipment, including Laser Technology's TruPulse laser rangefinder and Criterion RD 1000 to assess the forest. More...

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Laser Technology’s Impulse 200 LR and MapSmart® Software Used in Tree Mapping Application

by KHarrold 18. November 2013 14:15

American Surveyor magazine featured a cover story this month about a hunter, Michael Taylor. Not a hunter of wildlife, but a tree hunter. Similar to wildlife, trees have footprints that are clues to their total existence. Taylor, a member of the Native Tree Society, documents these tree footprints using Laser Technology Inc.'s Impulse 200 LR rangefinder along with an Archer Field PC® from Juniper Systems equipped with MapSmart Field Mapping Software More...

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TruPulse 360 Makes Calculating Stockpile Inventories Cost Effective

by mphippen 6. November 2013 14:09

In an article featured in 'Aggregates Manager' Brooke Wisdom discussed 3D mobile laser scanning for calculating volumes of stockpile inventories . Describing material stockpile inventory as a "necessary evil" for accounting, he laments the fact valuable resources and time are expended to keep track of ever changing stockpile volumes. Ignoring less expensive solutions like TruPulse 360 w/MapSmart Volume software, the article praised laser 3D scanning as the most accurate method for determining volumes largely comparing 3D laser scanning with aerial photogrammetry methods. More...

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Laser Technology's TruPulse 360R Helping to Re-Light Up Detroit

by KHarrold 6. November 2013 12:53

A new program by the Public Lighting Authority has begun to help restore the lighting on the streets of Detroit and the TruPulse 360R laser rangefinder is instrumental in making this happen. More...

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Laser Technology and TruPulse 360 Help Measure the Receding North Woods

by mphippen 22. October 2013 14:33

I was pleasantly surprised to see LTI's TruPulse 360 laser rangefinder featured in an article by Josephine Marcotty posted in last Sunday's Minneapolis’s Star Tribune. She writes about a significant undertaking by the University of Minnesota and the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources to anticipate the effects of ‘global warning’ on one of the state's best assets, The Great North Woods. More...

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Twenty Years Later…Laser Technology is Still in Space!

by mphippen 21. October 2013 12:02

NASA Custom-Built Proximity Laser In Action Today...

As of this writing, the International Space Station (ISS) has been in low orbit over the earth for 5,449 days, 7 hours, 31 minutes, and 58 seconds…and counting! You may recall from one of our earlier blogs that in 1993 Laser Technology was approached by NASA. They needed a custom-built close proximity laser that could measure both distances and speeds for their space docking missions. LTI was awarded the contract and began engineering and designing the laser needed to accommodate NASA. More...



Tree Climbers, Arborists and Height Measurers Unite for "Citizen Science"!

by scolburn 18. October 2013 12:24

Laser Technology Participates in Tree Height Workshop and Tree Climber Rendezvous

The year's Fall Tree Height Measurement Workshop put on by the Native Tree Society (NTS) was ingeniously co-located with Tree Climbers International's Annual Rendezvous, held at Simpsonwood Conference Center in Norcross, GA. With the focus of this year's meeting dedicated to the idea of "Citizen Science", NTS took a lead role in exposing the climbers to American Forest's Big Tree program and the work they are doing to set up measurement guidelines for it. A great benefit of this program is to provide data to scientists on tree distribution and growth patterns. More...

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TruPulse 360 Mapping Laser for Maya Project

by KHarrold 17. October 2013 11:42

Laser Technology professional measurement lasers are used to gather field measurements to map the surrounding environment. In the case of a recent project from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, LTI’s mapping lasers are being used to paint a picture of the past.

Dr. Adolfo Ivan Batun Alpuche, Dr. Patricia McAnany and Nikolas Smilovsky headlined a cultural heritage project aimed at mapping the indigenous peoples of Yucatan, Mexico, in relation to 16th Century Spanish colonization. UNC received funding from a National Science Foundation (NSF) Grant, specifically from the Catalyzing New International Collaboration category. More...



Laser Technology Takes on the Challenge of Forest Certification

by mphippen 11. October 2013 11:23

Laser Technology has the perfect tool and stands ready to prove it! With TruPulse 360 laser rangefinder at the ready the stringent standards dictated by FSC and SFI's exacting measurement requirements becomes a breeze, helping to audit how our forests are managed. More...



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