Traffic Safety Tech Session - Rogers, MN

by admin 13. May 2013 12:43

Laser Technology is hosting a Traffic Safety Tech Session in Rogers, Minnesota on "An overview of the latest in traffic safety technology". Attendees will learn and discover technology that effectively enforces speeding, aggressive driving and tailgating laws.More...

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Tech Session

Distracted Driving - Prevention and Safety

by nackerson 12. May 2013 12:41

The LTI TruCAM Can Help Make Our Roads Safer

Many states legislation have been reluctant to pass laws making texting/phone use while driving illegal. Statistically speaking distracted driving, whether it involves texting or using a hand-held device to talk is a hazard on all roadways. In fact, many authorities think that distracted driving is currently a bigger problem than drunk driving! In a recent study conducted by the CDC, many citizens would support laws that would outlaw these dangerous practices that could result in catastrophic and irreparable damage. More...

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NAMOA (North American Motor Officers Association) Conference

by admin 10. May 2013 13:33

The 31st Annual NAMOA conference takes place at the Four Points by Sheraton Victoria Gateway in Langford, BC on May 15-18, 2013. This conference gives police motor officers a chance to train and improve their riding skills by offering training sessions such as high speed braking clinics, off road skills, use of force training, and a firearms training with simunitions. More...

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Trade Show

Speed Enforcement Campaign in Sussex

by admin 9. May 2013 11:22

The UltraLyte Laser Speed Gun Assists Catching Speeding Drivers

Drivers in Sussex, England are now more aware of how dangerous speeding is on the roadways. During a weeklong campaign held in mid-April, the Sussex Road Policing Unit and Sussex Safer Road Partnership ran speed enforcement checks and managed to detect over 1,700 offenders. The campaign wasn't just to write tickets but also to help educate offenders on the dangers of excessive speed. More...

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ARC-CSI Crash Conference 2013

by admin 8. May 2013 13:18

The annual ARC-CSI Crash Conference is being held on May 13-16, 2013 at the Palace Station Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. For over 11 years now, landmark research has been done at this conference by conducting a series of crash tests and this year proves to be even more valuable More...

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LTI's TruCAM Catches Dubai Citizen Speeding

by admin 22. April 2013 11:43

Photo Lidar Speed Enforcement at its Best - the Proof is in the Video!

Dubai is a sheikhdom in the NE United Arab Emirates, consisting principally of the port of Dubai, on the Persian Gulf. Arguably one of the most beautiful cities in the Middle East but has traffic issues the same as any modern city. With over a million citizens traffic snarls and congestion are commonplace. In 2010 the Dubai Police initiated an aggressive driver campaign and purchased 100 TruCams that serves as the foundation of their program. More...

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Laser Technology Sponsors JWA GPPD Spring Classic Rodeo

by admin 18. April 2013 12:33

Join us at the JWA Grand Prairie Police Department Spring Classic Motorcycle Rodeo April 23-27, 2013 in Grand Prairie, TX. A fun event for the whole family, this week-long classic consists of Golf Tournament and a Police Motorcycle Skills Competition along with training, exhibits, product expos, nightly events and more.

LTI is proud to be a silver sponsor of this annual event and will be showcasing laser measurement products such as the TruSpeed Sx, the latest in the TruSpeed Laser Speed Gun family.


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Amazing Race Contestants Have Speedy Encounter with UltraLyte

by valvino 16. April 2013 12:02

With all the dangers that can beset contestants on CBS’ The Amazing Race, from raging rivers to 'Elephants, Lions, and Crocs oh my', who would have thought that deep in the countryside of Botswana, Africa Caroline and Jennifer, aspiring country singers as well as Max and Katie the show’s newlywed couple, would have succumbed to none of the above. Rather the players fell prey to modern technology instead! No doubt planted by the producers the route driven turned into the African version of a speed trap. More...

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Empire State Law Enforcement Traffic Safety Conference 2013

by admin 15. April 2013 09:15

On April 18-19, 2013, the Empire State Law Enforcement Traffic Safety Conference is being held at the Radisson Rochester Riverside Hotel in Rochester, NY. This conference is a one of a kind in NY state - and there will not only be exhibits but discussions and special presentations with nationally renowned speakers such as Dr. Jack More...

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CPCA Expo 2013

by admin 12. April 2013 12:21

Laser Technology is exhibiting at Booth 11 at the annual CPCA (Connecticut Police Chiefs Association) being held on April 18 at the Aqua Turf Club in Plantsville, CT. Showcasing our newest addition in the TruSpeed family, the TruSpeed Sx, the only laser rangefinder that is a true speed enforcement and mapping tool. More...


Trade Show

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