Traffic Safety

We can proudly say that we have set worldwide judicial precedence based upon the accuracy of our lasers. All speed lasers ARE NOT created equal. Our technology has held up in court hundreds of times and has not lost a case due to the laser's inaccuracy. Can any other laser manufacturer say that?

Continuing the tradition established in 1991, when we introduced the world's first speed measurement laser, we deliver our next-generation UltraLyte series created to provide you with reliable safety management solutions.

Every UltraLyte model has a high-impact, waterproof casing, proven to hold up in the field. With pinpoint accuracy and reliability, they deliver data proven to hold up in court.

We put unmatched versatility at your fingertips with our wide variety of add-on options. They integrate seamlessly with our patented software, including QuickMap 3D for precision accident investigation and crime scene mapping.