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Azimuth Pointing System (APS)

An Azimuth Pointing System Unaffected by Local Magnetic Interference!

Azimuth Pointing System (APS) Overview

Azimuth Pointing System
Azimuth Pointing System

The APS is a unique GPS-based compass that produces True North azimuth measurements, a GPS position and the degree of inclination - all in one system. You can now align tower antennas or satellite dishes more accurately because the APS is not affected by local magnetic interference from surrounding metal structures. This simple pointing system is as easy to use as a handheld compass or clinometer. Attach an LTI laser to the APS and instantly measure the height and position of any target.

How the APS Measures Up:

  • Accurate, reliable True North azimuth* and inclination data
  • Not affected by local magnetic interference
  • Capable of sub-meter GPS location
  • Azimuth accuracy qualified through visible GPS integrity parameter
  • Built-in routine for distance between two remote targets
  • Custom, backlit graphic display of satellite signal strength

* With unobstructed GPS antenna access above the horizon and good satellite coverage.

Product Discontinued

Note: The production of the APS has been discontinued. MultiWave Sensors, a partner of LTI, has some available here.

Continued Support: LTI will provide warranty repairs on the APS for one year from the date of purchase.

LTI is committed to supporting its world class products. We proudly will support our products for up to 5 years of the purchase date. While we will make every attempt to fufill this obligation, because of circumstances beyond our control such obsolescence of a part for a particular product, the serviceability of a product may not be possible for the full 5 years only in some rare cases.

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