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Blast Design / Rock Face Profiling

Since precise data directly translates to better fragmentation control, Laser Technology's laser profiling system is the best way to design the perfect blast. This process is not where you want to make any guesstimates.  Ensuring a safe working environment takes precedence, which is why our laser rangefinders have been relied upon for years. 

Laser Technology Mining - Blast Design

A single operator can accurately measure and record critical depth vs. burden data from a single location using the combination of the TruPulse 200X laser rangefinder and Face Profiler. This will allow you to acquire a measurement on practically any type surface, dark or light, at ranges the competition simply can't reach.

Due to the harsh working conditions, it is extremely important to have your equipment be durable as well as reliable. Our TruPulse 200X laser rangefinders are both dust and waterproof. The Archer 2 Data Collector that is sold with our software package has the capacity to hold up in an extreme environment as well. This combination makes for an ideal solution for all your rock face profiling needs.

laser face profiling software measuring crest, depth and burden values

Using LTI's Face Profiler Software

Let's face it; old traditional methods of obtaining profile measurements for blasting are becoming unacceptable due to today's demands for increased worker safety and mine productivity.

That's why we have developed a laser-based Face Profiler System that takes extremely accurate measurements and will calculate bench heights, minimum and optimum burdens, drill hole angles and offsets, and hole depths. The field software runs on a touch-screen activated, rugged data collector providing plenty of safe storage for your data. The process begins with 3 easy steps: shoot the floor, toe and crest – then begin profiling the rock face.

"After using Laser Technology's Face Profiler, I found it to be extremely useful for quickly determining the exact burden at any point along the depth of the face-holes, significantly reducing the risk of any dangerous fly rock incidents caused by insufficient burden. I have also experienced improved vibration results and decreased loading time."

Andrew Williams, Explosives Engineer at Terra Dinamica, LLC.

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