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CAD Zone | Pocket Zone and Crash Zone Mapping Software

Crash / Crime Scene Field Data Collection and Desktop Diagramming!

Laser Technology offers CrashZone desktop diagramming software with all our mapping packages. PocketZone can also be substituted with LTI's QuickMap 3D field software. Ask your LTI sales manager for more details.

Cad Zone CrashZone software

About CrashZone desktop software:

  • Animations - 2D and 3D animation makes it easy to put your diagrams in motion.
  • Easy Vehicle Database - Obtain vehicle specifications and a scaled outline for most vehicles (dimensions, weight, center of gravity, etc.) by selecting them from an industry-standard database.
  • Easy to Learn - Unique "Easy Tools" let you draw complex intersections, forms, buildings, templates, labels and symbols with just a few clicks.
  • Customizable: with over 100 custom line types and more than 6,000 symbols for crash and crime scenes included, you'll have no problem finding one that fits your needs.
  • Interactive: set things in motion with interactive momentum, skid speed, combined speed, CSY and crush formulas.
  • Instant Graphs: Profile view feature instantly graphs “line-of-sight” plus a Slope Calculation tool.
  • Import Images & Maps: import your own digital images or use the new Bing Maps ™ interface for aerial & satellite backgrounds.
  • Compatible: Fully compatible with AutoCAD 2011 - just import AutoCAD® 2011 files in either dwg or dxf formats.


Cad Zone PocketZone software

About PocketZone field software:

  • Easy to Learn - Created just for law enforcement officers and reconstructionists - not for surveyors.
  • Fast - one button operation to fire your device.
  • Automatic - Automatically connect points with lines or curves. Auto-saves every shot!
  • Compatible - Fully compatible with The Crash Zone; also imports and exports to AutoCAD .dxf and .dwg.
  • Easy to read - Full color screen with more space to view your drawing.
  • Powerful - Place symbols, line types, and text which show up perfectly in your desktop CAD Zone drawing software.
  • Saves time - Don't redraw - open and edit drawings of intersections previously created.

For More Information:  Go to CadZone's Web site.

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