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Getting the measurements right the first time efficiently, safely and accurately is imperative in the construction industry. Laser Technology's TruPulse laser rangefinders and other laser measurement tools can help you do just that. Grading, site prep and excavating measurements, such as determining a site's area or verifying the percent grade of a slope are gathered with the simple push of a button. Instantly spot check obstructions and overhang clearances to ensure a safe work area. Verify staking marks, or simply collect distance, height and azimuth measurements for material estimations or job parameter requirements.

Construction Site Measurement with Laser Technology TruPulse laser rangefinder
TruPulse 360R laser rangefinder
measuring on construction site

Small enough to fit in your vest pocket, yet powerful enough to deliver professional-grade accuracy in a handheld, point-and-shoot laser, the TruPulse 360 R laser rangefinder offers survey-like capabilities and can be considered a mini-handheld total station. Easily calculate the distance, inclination and even the percent slope value between any two remote points using the integrated compass and onboard missing line solution routine. For convenience, it offers Bluetooth® communication capabilities for wireless data collection and easily integrates with your GPS for efficient GIS data capture. The added benefit of being rugged and waterproof makes this laser rangefinder the right tool while out in the field.

If your daily tasks require higher accuracy, the TruPoint 200h can help you get the job done that achieves millimeter to centimeter accuracy with the Hybrid Measurement Technology. Also sporting a rugged, waterproof housing, this laser measurement tool not only achieves the highest distance and inclination accuracy but can adjust to any lighting conditions with its in-scope LED display.

Using the tilt sensor and on-board height routine, most LTI laser rangefinders can quickly measure any height or clearance value within your job site with just 3 shots. The days of measuring tapes, wheels, and guesstimates are long gone.

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