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Crane Measurements

Instantly spot check obstructions and overhang clearances to ensure a safe work area. Quickly determine your crane's load placement point from one location and easily know your reach-in/up distance. Have no doubt your boom tip height gets the load under or over obstructions, such as power lines.

Laser Technology Crane Measurements

Our unique TruPulse 360 series laser rangefinders with a built-in compass measure horizontal, vertical and slope distance, as well as the degree of inclination and azimuth - all in one shot. Simply scroll through the measurement values and view them instantly through the sighting scope. To top it off, the TruPulse 360R laser rangefinder is also rugged and waterproof, making it ready to handle the toughest jobs in any kind of weather.

The beauty of using LTI's lasers is that they are extremely compact and require zero setup time in order to take critical field measurements. Anyone can use this simple point-and-shoot measurement tool and eliminate the hassles of repositioning heavy equipment and/or determine what is needed for a job ahead of time.

For those who need to capture images out in the field, integrate our LaserSoft Measure App with your laser rangefinder and not only get the measurements you need but take pictures making it easier for all involved to visualize the project.

So if you are annoyed with not getting the properly sized piece of equipment on the job the first time or if you would like to determine your load placement point, just once from a single location, then Laser Technology has the perfect tool for you.

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