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DBC (Distance Between Cars) Specifications

The Only Laser Device That Validates "Following Too Close" Violations!

DBC (Distance Between Cars) Tailgating Firmware

Firmware Code Details:

Distance Between Cars (DBC) validates the violator’s speed and calculates the time and traveling distance between them and the vehicle they are following too closely. When in DBC mode, the laser is used to capture and display the speed of the front vehicle. The trailing vehicle is then targeted. Upon completion of the second measurement, the laser displays both the time and distance between vehicles.

Hardware Requirements:

Tailgating firmware is only available in the UltraLyte 100 LR and TruCAM® models.

Requirements to use DBC technology:

  • Must be a certified LIDAR operator with minimum 16 hours of field use
  • DBC classroom training with basic principles
  • DBC field training (complete 100 measurements)
  • Operation certificate to be issued after training

Suggestions on how to get DBC adopted in your state:

  • Launch a public awareness pilot program and get local media involved
  • Educate the courts about this technology in advance
  • Issue citations with time between vehicles at one second or less

NOTE: All specifications are subject to change without notice.

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