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DBC (Distance Between Cars) Tailgating Firmware

The Only Laser Device That Validates "Following Too Close" Violations!

DBC (Distance Between Cars) Tailgating Firmware Overview

Traditionally, "following too closely" violations are based on observation, not hard data. LTI changes all that with our Distance Between Cars/Vehicles (DBC) firmware for the UltraLyte 100 LR and TruCAM. This tailgating firmware validates violations by capturing the individual speed of two vehicles traveling in the same line and within close proximity of each other. The laser speed device then calculates the time and distance between the two moving vehicles. It’s the perfect aid for officers issuing tailgating violations, also known as a type of aggressive driving, and keeping our highways safe.

Tailgating and following too close violation enforced with UltraLyte 100LR with DBC

If a driver is following too close to a vehicle in front of them, it limits the reaction time and can cause a crash if there were a sudden stop. Traffic officers still need to first visually determine if a vehicle is following too close before they use DBC to validate it, just like in speed enforcement procedures.

In DBC mode, the officer aims the UltraLyte or TruCAM laser speed device at the lead vehicle and takes the first measurement. The speed of the first vehicle is displayed on the LCD and in the scope. A number "2" is then displayed, signifying that the laser is ready to measure the 2nd (trailing) vehicle. Upon completion of the second measurement, the laser will display the speed of the second vehicle, and the time between vehicles in seconds. An edit button can then be pressed to toggle to the distance between vehicles.

Several pilot programs have been launched in the USA and many agencies have started issuing tickets using DBC. Internationally, DBC has been used for years and is an effective tool for issuing following too close violations. If your agency is interested in starting a pilot program or needs more information, please contact your local LTI sales manager.

How DBC Measures Up:

  • Objectively determines the precise traveling time and distance between two moving vehicles.
  • Helps save lives by promoting the enforcement of the "2-second Rule".
  • Provides officers with more confidence when issuing a "following too close" violation.
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