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Engineering And Surveys

Verify flood plains, habitat areas or buffer zones. Map stream courses or boundary areas. Survey in a new road design or complete an obliteration. Map proposed bridge sites or measure a culvert to verify percent slope. Estimate the volume of chip piles, log decks and more.

Laser rangefinder measuring stream surveys

The TruPulse 200X laser rangefinder gives you the ability to accomplish a variety of complex tasks, even if you are not a trained surveyor. Rugged, lightweight, compact and weatherproof, offering you the capability of achieving the highest distance and inclination accuracy, the 200X translates to unrestricted mobility through rough terrain.

Integrate our laser with MapSmart software and your data collector to be able to capture and map the field data you need quickly and painlessly. You'll be mapping like an expert in mere minutes!

All our laser rangefinders are perfect for your professional or resource grade jobs. They work flawlessly even under dense canopy or on steep terrain, where GPS may lose its ability to capture accurate data.


Timber Cruising Traversing

Although some cruisers rely on GPS to collect boundary data, periodically the equipment proves to have its limitations. Due to dense canopy and steep terrain, capturing a GPS signal may be challenging and in some cases, simply impossible. The TruPulse laser not only eliminates such problems, it also allows you to easily map in remote features such as seed/trespass trees or special geologic features. After establishing a starting point along the edge of a harvest area, with our TruPulse 360 series you can measure the azimuth and distance to the next point along the boundary. Relocate to that measured point and continue the same procedure around the perimeter.

Buffer Zone

Timber Cruising Buffer Zone

To protect the forest ecosystem, good management practices require a buffer zone of native vegetation to be left undisturbed along stream courses. The thickest brush is typically found in these areas which make any of LTI's laser rangefinders an ideal measurement tool because it can accurately penetrate heavy foliage when in "filter mode". With just a LTI laser, you can walk along the buffer boundary and easily measure distances to convenient targets near the stream channel. If needed, a second cruiser can hold a reflector and move along the bank of the stream. Once the limiting distance from the stream course is verified, the buffer zone area can be marked.

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