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Face Profiler

Rock Face Profiling Software Designed to Create the Perfect Blast

Face Profiler Overview

LTI's Face Profiler app calculates bench heights, minimum and optimum burdens, drill hole angles and offsets, hole depths and more. Take the guesswork out of blast design and reduce the likelihood for production delays. Use a TruPulse laser range finder with Face Profiler to accurately measure profiles and minimize the risk fly rock and vibration incidents.

The foundation for each profile is set up with two easy steps: Shoot the Toe and Shoot the Crest. Complete the profile shots and print MSHA-approved profile reports right in the field on any Bluetooth® enabled printer.

Face Profiler combined with a professional TruPulse or Impulse laser range finder creates a complete profiling system designed to help maximize safety, manage inventory, and control the costs associated with blast design – for less money than any other laser profiling package on the market. (See laser packaging tab).

Face Profiler runs on most Android smartphones or tablets and on any Windows Mobile data collector running 6.0 or newer. Face Profiler Android can include a 14-day free trial period.

Face Profiler Reports for Windows

Face Profiler Reports for Windows is a free program which works with Face Profiler versions 5.0 and newer. It can be used to adjust, calculate, and generate reports for profiles measured with Face Profiler 5 or Face Profiler Android field data collection software. While Face Profiler has always had Bluetooth field printing capability to get immediate reports, it is now enhanced with this complementary Windows version that requires no license and works on Microsoft Windows Vista, 7, 8, and 10 for users who prefer to do reporting from their desk.

Face Profiler Reports for Windows installs with a demonstration profile and access to all of the features and functionality available in Face Profiler excluding only capturing laser measurements.

Get the demo to see what Face Profiler is capable of and begin calculating today!

Below are some of the features of LTI's Face Profiler software.

Face Profiler Toe and Crest screen shots - Establish bench height quickly and easily
Establish bench height quickly and easily.

Intuitive Workflow

Quickly and easily shoot a profile.

  • Follow the steps with graphical prompts for every shot.
  • Take a shot to the toe and crest to establish the bench height.
  • Automatically a design a 2-D profile of the rock face just by shooting the laser down the wall.

Toe can be defined as the intersection point created by the floor and the free face.

Face Profiler calculate burden screen capture
Calculate burdens and
determine drill hole placement.

Calculations & Adjustments

Quick calculation adjustments produce accurate numbers for the best blast design results.

  • Remove muck from toe and overburden from blast calculations (stemming).
  • Calculate burdens by entering the hole offset or by shooting in hole location.
  • Determine drill hole placement with a specified burden and a fixed-angle increment.
Face Profiler Interactive Interface screen capture
Tap to delete points, see depth/burden
details, and move through profiles.

Interactive Interface

Face Profiler's profile screen updates with every measurement.

  • Watch the profile take shape with each shot.
  • Tap anywhere in the profile to view depth & burden details for that spot.
  • Delete shots & edit a profile instantly.
Face Profiler Review Profile Data screen shots
Review profile data at any time.

Review Profile Data

Review profile data in three different ways - the Coordinate Table, Shot Table, or XY Map options. Leave the profile at any time to review the data, or adjust parameters to your needs, and add, edit or delete shot notes.

Face Profiler Reporting screen capture
Face Profiler generates data
and reports on the spot!

Advanced Reporting

Get the data you need and produce reports right in the field!

  • Generate and print profile reports while in the field with a mobile printer.
  • Select from multiple report and formatting options.
  • Prefer a desktop? Use Face Profiler Reports for Windows to print profile reports.

Face Profiler Data & Graphs screen capture
Choose from a variety of reporting options.

Transfer Data & Create Graphs

Generate and email reports from Face Profiler Android and use field data & Microsoft® Excel to create more detailed charts & graphs for presentations.

  • Choose from a variety of report formats: Job Report (.CSV, .TXT., .PDF), Profile List Report (.CSV, .TXT, .PDF), and Profile Summary Report (.PDF).
  • Email jobs and profile images (Android version only).
  • Connect to a PC with Windows Mobile Device Center or ActiveSync* and copy reports, tables, and profile images (Windows Mobile version).
  • Create charts & graphs.
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