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Field Inspections

Easily inspect and measure any penetration to your RSA or TSA. Inventory the height and slope to your lighting and radio facilities. Determine the distance between any two remote objects in your runway's imaginary surface in just two shots. Airfield inspections get a whole lot easier when you use LTI's laser rangefinder with a built-in compass.

3D chart for airfield imaginary surfaces for laser measurements

Versatility meets efficiency resulting in a unique measurement tool that allows you to quickly gather OE/AAA data on the airfield - all with a simple push of a button. The TruPulse 360 laser rangefinder displays direct readouts within the viewing scope in feet or meters as well as degrees or percent slope values.

Using our reflectorless laser is as easy as standing on your runway centerline and accurately measuring anything in your primary surface area. Inspections are a critical element of your operation and Construction Safety Plan so this is the perfect solution to quickly verify if all surrounding objects are clear of your Obstacle Free Area and Zone.

Lasers used to measure obstructions within airfield surfaces

Lock onto those far away targets as the superior optics and 7X magnification makes it possible to measure them from over 3,000 feet away. Having this kind of range capability enables you to position yourself almost anywhere.

Integrate our LaserSoft Measure App with your laser and give yourself the added ability to capture and record measurements with pictures with each shot right from your smartphone. Complete and accurate field data collection right at your fingertips.

The days of measurements with rolling wheels, recreational rangefinders, levels and transits are over.

Enjoy the ease of use of LTI's laser measurement products and make getting the measurements you need easier and safer.

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