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In the public safety sector, there are a countless number of uses for laser measurements. From verifying school ground limits to pre-fire planning, Laser Technology has the tools to let you safely take the measurements and do so quickly and easily.

Fire Investigations Mapping
Fire Investigations

Besides speed enforcement and crash and crime scene investigation, our lasers can be used in other areas within law enforcement. SWAT can use our reflectorless measurement technology to verify target distance and height information from extremely long ranges. The sheriff department or parole officers can use a rangefinder to check a felon's location to ensure they are at a certain distance from a school zone.

Within all fire departments, there are multiple needs for both basic measurements and full 3D mapping capabilities. First responders can position fire trucks to optimize water distribution. Fire investigators are able to conduct post-arson mapping and documentation. Fire chiefs do due diligence of pre-fire planning and inspections.

Mapping Fire and Arson investigation using TruPoint 300 total station

The TruPoint 300 compact total station is the perfect tool for fire departments and their needs.  It can be used before fires at pre-fire walk-thrus to map out the floors and fire exits; and to also assist arson investigators in the aftermath of mapping the site of a fire.

HAZMAT operational activities include compliance, incident inspections and investigations. These types of tasks require detailed position measurements in the field and due to the hazardous material; you do not have the luxury to occupy particular areas.

This is why the use of reflectorless measurement technology is so important. Our lasers and mapping systems allow HAZMAT to map and investigate hazardous spill sites, from safe distances.

All of these public safety tasks are easily accomplished with our laser rangefinders and mapping systems.

Arson investigation using laser technology for mapping

Public Safety Applications:

  • Parole officers
  • Sheriff departments
  • 1st responders
  • Wildlife management
  • Building inspectors
  • Homeland security
  • Fire departments
  • Tactical / S.W.A.T
  • Traffic officers
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