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From environmental research to wood production, working in the forestry industry can involve many different facets and each can present its own set of unique challenges. Virtually all forestry-related jobs require accurate measurement work that takes place with the least amount of complexity in the shortest amount of time. Foresters, timber cruisers, and mill operations managers alike can benefit from incorporating our laser rangefinders and software solutions into their daily routine. The challenges that come with tasks such as stem or sale boundary mapping, slope grade monitoring, log deck volume measurements can become a thing of the past.

TruPulse laser rangefinder measuring tree height for Forestry
TruPulse Scope Shots
Forestry Laser Measurements

Achieve Timber Cruising Domination

Speed up the cruising process by replacing traditional measurement tools with any TruPulse laser rangefinder with Criterion RD 1000 solution. The RD 1000 is the first electronic Basal Area Factor (BAF) scope and dendrometer in the market and is built as if a forester designed it. Get out of the field with accurate data and be home in time for dinner.

Measure More & Move Less With Remote Positioning

You walk. You walk a lot. We can't totally eliminate walking from your job because seeing the status of things on the ground is essential in many cases. However, using our equipment can help to mitigate movement to just what is absolutely necessary. Imagine not having to wade through creeks or fight through undergrowth just to get a usable field measurement. With the revolutionary compass technology found in the TruPulse 360, you decide where and how you want to shoot. You can measure accurate distances, heights, angles, azimuths, and spans of multiple remote trees or other environmental features in 3D while standing in one place with an instrument so small that it fits in your jacket pocket.


Laser rangefinder with built in compass
TruPulse Laser Rangefinders

Get The Right Tool For The Job

All of LTI's TruPulse lasers are compact and portable and take batteries you can pick up at virtually any store or gas station. Different jobs call for different tools – near, far, wet, or dry, there is a TruPulse that can work for you. The TruPulse 200 is the ideal solution for acquiring tree measurements. A more ruggedized option, the TruPulse 200X offers a waterproof housing and provides higher accuracy measurement despite most environmental factors you encounter in the field. Add a foliage filter or set your laser to farthest mode to ensure you are measuring past brushy obstructions.

TruPulse measurements can be stored on your phone with the LaserSoft Measure app or collected in MapSmart or Log Deck software for Windows Mobile and then taken back to the office.

Whether you're modeling the trees or harvesting them, laying out engineering plans or managing the ecosystem, our laser rangefinders allow you to acquire more data to more types of targets - all from a single position.

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