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GIS / GPS Mapping


GIS & GPS Mapping Overview

Map More, Move Less

Today's GIS professionals are in the field continuously managing environmental information, measuring and locating assets, and conducting research much more than they are at their desks. GPS technology assists with not only knowing what is out there but also where on earth it is positioned. Some positions are easier than others.

TruPulse compass laser rangefinder with GPS measuring GPS laser offsets
TruPulse 360R Measuring
GPS Laser Offsets

For those times when an accurate GPS fix just cannot be achieved, Laser Technology has your back. Each target measured by our rugged and weatherproof TruPulse 360R laser rangefinder includes range, inclination & azimuth data used to calculate the remote GPS coordinate from your current position integrated with your Mobile GIS system. Realize complete freedom by combining your GPS with a pocket-sized TruPulse 360 to accurately position any target anywhere with just one shot.

Your Measurement, Personified

In addition to obtaining position data for all your assets and features, you can measure the slope distances, inclinations, azimuths, heights, and spans to any position from any position in just two shots. Easily add height or elevation data as an attribute and start collecting more field data in a lot less time. Attribute options are only limited by the field data collection software you are currently using.

Awaken Your Inner GIS

Our groundbreaking technology lets you capture accurate compass data without inclination limitations. This unique laser can be pitched or rolled in any direction, and it will still measure the correct azimuth within one degree. No other all-in-one compass/laser can do this!

Also, with its 7-power magnification and long-range capabilities, there is no target out of reach. With our compact and cost-effective laser, why not use a laser to map all your data points? The less you move, the more you save in time and resources. Our reflectorless technology will pay for itself by the time you complete your first GIS project.

GIS GPS Mapping with TruPulse Laser Rangefinder

Using GPS laser offsets for mapping is right there at your fingertips, fieldwork has now become easier with the use of LTI's laser rangefinders.

Most GIS field data collection software already works together with a TruPulse 360 laser, so it is likely you can incorporate remote positioning into your workflow with very little investment.

All LTI laser rangefinders are compatible with ERSI's ArcPad®, Trimble's TerraSync and other popular GPS handhelds and data collection software. Instantly download all your laser measurements using the standard RS232 serial port or optional Bluetooth®.

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