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Geological Mapping

Mapping precise, up-to-date geologic and volumetric data can be the difference between making a poor decision and making the correct one. With our unique reflectorless laser measurement technology, you can quickly and safely map the entire surface of your mine; even unreachable visible structures on high walls, inclines and inaccessible or dangerous areas.

Laser Technology Mining - Geological Mapping

Our MapSmart software was designed for the non-surveyor and our rangefinders are simple point-and-shoot tools. It just doesn't get any easier or more cost efficient than this. Start mapping and collecting points, lines and areas in the field, and easily transfer your data into your preferred office CAD program.

For additional productivity, LTI's Laser Positioning Systems can be partnered with your GPS, expanding its capabilities by capturing remote GPS locations without ever occupying that point. Anyone on your crew can easily learn how to collect and map areas within your facility with minimal training and at a cost far less than paying for professional surveying services.

MapSmart software using lasers to measure area for Geological mapping
MapSmart Software for Geological Mapping

MapSmart Key Features:

  • Upload a custom list of descriptions from your PC to quickly identify common measurement points.
  • Choose between several available mapping methods to accommodate every situation that you may encounter.
  • Work with a "live" map display that allows you to quality check your data as you go.
  • Review the Point Detail function to verify distances and azimuth between any two points.
  • Calculate areas and traverse closures to quality check your data before you leave the field.
  • Utilize the onboard solutions for Area, Volume and the Closure error of a traverse.

Laser Positioning Systems measure area for Geological mapping
Laser Positioning System
for Geological Mapping

Laser Positioning System Key Features:

  • capture X, Y and Z coordinates for complete 3D mapping
  • In-scope data and menu display
  • Permits easy viewing of all your measurements on the custom backlit LCD display

Depending on which LPS package you get, other key features may include:

  • Offers dual serial ports for communication in from the laser and out to data collectors
  • Bluetooth┬« Encoder Loop communication
  • Rugged & Waterproof Design with the TruPulse 360R
  • Achieves the highest distance and inclination accuracy
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