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IMS Map360 CAD Diagramming Software

Easily Create Dynamic Courtroom-Ready Documents

IMS Map360 Overview

LTI is proud to offer IMS Map360, a widely used CAD-based desktop diagramming software, as part its complete mapping packages. Map data collected in QuickMap 3D for Android seamlessly imports into IMS Map360 to build accurate and professional courtroom diagrams.

IMS Map360 is a part of the Leica Geosystems Incident Mapping Suite and is the only solution that has an industry leading 3D CAD system built-in. It is considered the most precise desktop forensic mapping software available today.

About IMS Map360 CAD Diagramming Software:

IMS Map360 CAD Diagramming Software

  • Automatically join your line work from QuickMap 3D points with Scene-to-Map functionality
  • Access commonly used incident reconstruction formulas via the scene analysis tool
  • Benefit from using the trajectory insertion feature to make a stronger case
  • Choose between the easy-to-use sketch mode or the advanced mode depending on what your project needs
  • Easily visualize diagram with interactive templates before printing
  • Import 3D models from millions available at 3D Warehouse
  • Use the extensive library of crash and crime scene symbols to help with the illustration of your diagrams

NOTE: The IMS product comes standard with a 1 year upgrade protection plan, plus a 3 month plan already on the product from MicroSurvey giving purchasers 15 months of free upgrades and protection.

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