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Impulse 2K Rangefinder

Impulse 2K laser rangefinder
Impulse 2K

Impulse 2K

The Impulse 2K model is a streamlined version of the 200 XL, but without a serial data port or a tilt-sensor. The values can be measured and displayed in yards or meters. The 2K comes standard with a 9x power zoom scope.

Key Features of the Impulse 2K include:
  • Measures up to 2400 yards (4 times more than the standard Impulse)
  • Displays measurements in yards or meters

Product Discontinued

Note: The Impulse 2K has been discontinued. An alternative product for our customers is the TruPulse 200X.

Continued Support: LTI will provide warranty repairs on the Impulse models mentioned above for one year from the date of purchase. The unit may be repaired or could be replaced with the TruPulse 200X model per terms of our limited warranty. A replacement of the Impulse model would be because parts became unavailable.

LTI is committed to supporting its world class products. We proudly will support our products for up to 5 years of the purchase date. While we will make every attempt to fulfill this obligation, because of circumstances beyond our control such obsolescence of a part for a particular product, the serviceability of a product may not be possible for the full 5 years only in some rare cases.

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