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Impulse Rangefinders

The Most Durable and Reliable Laser Rangefinders on the Planet!

Impulse Overview

Impulse laser rangefinders with optional scopes measuring distance and height
Impulse Laser Rangefinders

The Impulse series are by far the most durable and reliable laser rangefinders available. All these lasers are specifically designed for optimal performance under any condition you may encounter in the field, because the all-aluminum housing is extremely rugged and completely waterproof. No other laser in the world can hold up to harsh conditions like the Impulse.

Most of the Impulse models come with onboard solutions for height, horizontal and vertical distance, distance between two in-line objects and cumulative distance for perimeter measurements. Some models solely measure slope distance but are still able to lock onto far away targets that other rangefinders can't even dream of. You can use these lasers as a handheld unit or mount them on a tripod for added stability. They can also be integrated with LTI's MapStar modules and provide three-dimensional measurement capabilities.

The Impulse also can communicate with GPS units, popular data collectors and compatible field software programs with its built-in serial port.

Depending upon your specific use will ultimately depend upon what model will best fit your needs. The standard models come equipped with a red-dot scope that has no magnification, but you can easily upgrade to a 1.5-4x power scope if that makes better sense for your application. Check out all the models and use the comparison chart to quickly decipher the difference between them.

How the Impulse Series Measures Up:

Impulse laser rangefinder rear LCD display measuring distance and height
  • Easily view all your measurements on the custom backlit LCD display.
  • Feel more confident in your measurements, thanks to audible and visible indicators.
  • Utilize the long-range capabilities to lock onto smaller targets at greater distances that other lasers can't recognize.
  • Quickly transfer your measurements to almost any data collector using the build-in serial port.
  • Distinguish your desired target from other things in the foreground or background with the adjustable range gate.
  • Discriminate reflective targets by toggling on the filter system.

Product Discontinued

Note: The Impulse Laser Rangefinder series has been discontinued. An alternative product for our customers is the TruPulse 200X.

Continued Support: LTI will provide warranty repairs on the Impulse models mentioned above for one year from the date of purchase. The unit may be repaired or could be replaced with the TruPulse 200X model per terms of our limited warranty. A replacement of the Impulse model would be because parts became unavailable.

LTI is committed to supporting its world class products. We proudly will support our products for up to 5 years of the purchase date. While we will make every attempt to fulfill this obligation, because of circumstances beyond our control such obsolescence of a part for a particular product, the serviceability of a product may not be possible for the full 5 years only in some rare cases.

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