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LTI Historical Moments

Laser Technology, Inc. Historical Moments
LTI Historical Moment - The TruPulse 360.

Mike Phippen of Laser Technology recalls creating the TruPulse 360.

LTI is constantly striving to engineer laser measurement products that are unique and out front anticipating the needs of our customers. In 2007, we did just that...the TruPulse 360 didn’t come to fruition from air nor was it by accident. As always new ideas are put into practical use because we continually push the envelope! Read More
LTI Historical Moment - The TruCAM

Mike Phippen of Laser Technology recalls how the TruCAM came to be.

What laser speed measurement device is still needed? For more than 15 years, LTI laser speed guns allowed synchronization with a separate video camera and computer for complete speed violation data including a high-resolution photo of a license plate. This came in the form of the Laser/Micro DigiCam. Read More
LTI Historical Moment - First Recreational Rangefinder

Mike Phippen of Laser Technology recalls creating the first recreational rangefinder.

LTI partnered with Bushnell Optics in 1994 to create the first low-cost recreational rangefinder for golfing and hunting. We not only developed the technology that makes the distance measurements possible, but we also helped design the products themselves. Today, Bushnell is the most popular recreational rangefinder in the world, and LTI is still active in developing their next generation of products. Read More
LTI Historical Moment - Creating A Close Proximity Laser for NASA

Eric Miller of Laser Technology Recalls Building A Custom Laser for Space Docking Missions.

When we started the company in 1985, we had no idea that we would be designing and building lasers for the US government. It was an incredible moment when LTI first started working with them over 25 years ago designing a laser that measured distances between 2 planes in-flight for a de-icing exercise. Then in 1991, we were approached by NASA -- they needed a handheld laser that could measure both distance and speed Read More
LTI Historical Moment - The Criterion

The Laser that Revolutionized Forest Mapping and Measuring Forever.

It was because of the United States Forest Service that LTI initially got involved in the professional measurement industry. Over the years, the USFS had worked with several companies to try to develop an electronic device that would quickly measure tree height and upper stem diameter, but to no avail. LTI CEO David Williams called the Forest Service to offer help and they told him that if Laser Technology could solve the problem, the agency would buy 2,000 sets of equipment. LTI immediately started working on the solution that would revolutionize measuring for all foresters. Read More
LTI Historical Moment - The LTI 20/20 Marksman

Mike Phippen of Laser Technology recalls how the LTI 20/20 Marksman came to be.

A fledgling LTI fresh from a successful demonstration at Edwards Air Force Base, knew they had something special with a working pulse laser to capture both speed and range to non-cooperative targets (little reflectivity) and set out to convince law enforcement of the advantages of laser speed enforcement versus radar utilizing the LTI 20/20 precursor to the Marksman. Read More
LTI Historical Moment - QuickMap 3D

Mike Phippen of Laser Technology recalls how QuickMap came to be.

When Laser Technology first released the Marksman in 1993, our 1st commercially available lidar, there was some reticence (as is normal when 'change' is first introduced) on the part of law enforcement agencies. Read More
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