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Professional Measurement Community

Welcome to LTI’s Community where you will find access to our blogs, videos that show how best to use our products, and a place to get answers or ask any questions you might have on our products - whether it is as simple as battery life to how to calculate measurements using one of our laser rangefinders - we’re here to try to get you the answers you need quickly and easily.



Community Forums

Ask your question, search through the Q&A's already in our system to see if the answer is already there. If not, post your question and you will receive a response from our community. This is a great place for our users to share their knowledge. Our representatives will also jump in to the forum to respond.


Laser Technology Blog

Read Laser Technology's blogs to keep in touch on what is happening in our company and the world of laser measurement.

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Connect with Laser Technology on Facebook and keep abreast of current happenings from new products to new videos.

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Check us out on Instagram to see the latest images of LTI's laser devices and apps being used to measure data, and our latest laser measurement tools.

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Join us on Linked In and connect with other laser measurement professionals. Make sure to join the LTI group that best fits your industry.

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View LTI Professional Measurement aka LaserTechPro videos on our YouTube channel and watch everything from training and webinars, commercials and products.

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