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Laser Technology, Inc. Releases Log Deck Volume Solution

February 15, 2012 - Laser Technology, Inc. (LTI), a Colorado-based laser designer and manufacturer, announces the release of a Log Deck volume solution. This new software is a cost effective and easy solution to instantly generate the deck length and area as well as calculate the MBF for specified log species and diameters.

LTI understands that working with a mountain of inventory that is ever changing and often stacked with extreme narrow spaces between can be very difficult. Since convention measurement tools and methods are unable to combat these real-world problems efficiently, LTI has developed this much needed solution.

Log Deck software allows you to track "just in time" inventory as it comes in and out. Users can quickly get accurate and repeatable results simply by following the step-by-step instructions built into the software and using the helpful illustrations to guide you through the process. It offers 5 different survey methods that can adapt to the specific environment for each individual deck. These features also address the difficulty of working with uneven ground.

"We developed the Log Deck Volume software because it can streamline the inventory process and even make it safer for our customers. The results from our lasers and the software calculations is repeatable and will save a lot of time," says Steve Colburn, Laser Technology National Sales Director.

The software integrates with LTI’s Impulse/MapStar® System and TruPulse® lasers to collect the measurements. Since all LTI lasers are able to acquire measurements to any non-reflective surface, using LTI’s system eliminates the need to occupy the pile or even having to stand near it when making measurements. Users can now save time, reduce safety liabilities and increase productivity because it only requires one operator. Log Deck is also compatible with Allegro, Archer, BAP and other data collectors.

LTI is celebrating their 25th year of business and has been awarded 63 laser and compass-based patents worldwide. The Company is responsible for developing the first recreational rangefinder and the first reflectorless handheld total station. LTI’s engineering expertise has also successfully created a unique, handheld compass sensor that produces one degree azimuth accuracy without any pitch and roll limitations. This exclusive TruVector 360° Compass Technology® is like nothing on the market and anyone has yet to match its reliability, repeatability and overall performance.

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