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LTI has been a leader in the field of laser measurement technology since its inception in 1985. Maintaining a strong focus on providing products for industrial and professional applications including forestry, mining, mapping, utilities, surveying, speed enforcement and crash investigations; LTI has consistently addressed real world needs throughout the planet.

Dedicated to providing innovative and affordable laser measurement technology; LTI has acclamations such as introducing the world's first commercial laser speed measuring device, the first timber cruising hand-held total station, a custom space station docking system for NASA, and the only laser with TruVector 360° Compass Technology. Since our first international laser sale in 1988, Laser Technology Inc. has expanded into more than 100 countries spanning all 7 continents.


North America

Laser Technology, Inc was founded in North America by Mr. David Williams and Mr. Jeremy Dunne 34 years ago in what was then the city of Englewood. North America is the birthplace of a big idea and serves as the foundation for what LTI is today. Over the past 34 years, LTI has grown from just a couple of people with a grand idea into a worldwide manufacturer of time of flight laser rangefinders. In North America, LTI operates in three different divisions - Traffic Safety, Professional Measurement and the Sensor division, which serves the industrial segments of the market.

In the Traffic Safety division, the first laser to hit the streets in North America was the LTI 20-20 Marksman speed enforcement laser, which was introduced in 1991 with some hard work and perseverance and in some instances it is still in use today.

On the Professional Measurement side of the business, LTI first released a Hydrographic surveying laser to the market in the late 80's and went on to produce many more successful lasers, most notably the TruPulse series of professional grade surveying lasers for use in Forestry, GIS/GPS, Utility and Public Works, Telecom, Mining and many other vertical markets. There are tens of thousands of TruPulse series laser rangefinders being used in the market today and they are still going strong. Additionally, the Professional Measurement division operates through a loyal dealer channel that blankets the United States and key international locations totaling over 200 partners.

The Sensor division serves our customers in the industrial market, the first laser sensor released into this market was the Universal Laser Sensor (ULS) and was used successfully for ship docking operations, autonomous unmanned vehicles and aircraft as well as security and surveillance applications, the sensor is still being used for many other applications today and we are constantly evolving the technology to solve new and different industrial problems.

Today, Laser Technology, Inc. is happily headquartered in Centennial, CO and has over 100 dedicated employees.

South America


In August 2012, Latin American Dealers from as far north as El Salvador and as far south as Buenos Aires, networked in Sao Paulo, Brazil for the first International Dealer Sales Conference. The dealers collectively made purchasing commitments for 5 new PicoDigiCams to promote in Latin America. Technical Training was also completed to the Technical support staff of these dealers. An order of 8 TruCAMs plus TruFlashes was placed by the Peruvian dealer ISETEK for delivery in 2012. This order was a direct result of the sales meeting in Sao Paulo.


Czech Republic

IFER, Monitoring and Mapping Solutions, Czech Republic, has developed solutions for field data collection since 1994. In the late nineties, IFER has integrated LTI lasers solutions for forestry inventory measurements. In 2011, the Forest of Czech Republic Institution, the LESYCR, launched a tender for 800 laser range finders. This State Institution is responsible for selling standing trees in lots to private logging companies. It was decided in 2010 by the ministry that 10% of these lots would go for sale at public auctions. Therefore, in order to launch this project, it was decided to buy the laser rangefinder combined to caliper, to provide data on quality and quantity of these lots, and this way better measure the value with more precision, prior to go in auctions. IFER won the tender for 800 TruPulse 200B.


Laser Technology's Authorized Dealer in Johannesburg, South Africa has been promoting LTI's traffic safety products since 1997. Howard M. de Iongh of TransAtlantic Equipment has been a critical part of LTI's worldwide success. Stephen Brown of Optron has also been promoting LTI's professional measurement product line in Centurion, South Africa since 1997.

LTI continues to build momentum in the all important region of Africa. In 2012, Granimpex, the Traffic Safety dealer in Cameroon, had total orders of 12 TruCAMs of laser speed camera systems for the Cameroon police forces. An additional order will be placed again in early 2013.


Laser Technology Asia, managed by Edward Lau, is one of the first official sister companies ever to exist. Laser Technology's partnership with Laser Technology Asia was established in mid 2007. Laser Technology Asia sold over 1,000 TruPulse laser rangefinders and over 200 Impulse and Angle Encoder systems in 2008. They are also an LTI Authorized Service Center for all professional measurement products.


China is the largest overseas market for LTI (21%). Since inception more than 13,000 TruPulse laser rangefinders have found their way into the China electric power utilities, forestry, mining and telecom market. Our products are distributed in China by a team of 12 Laser Technology Asia employees based in Guangzhou and Hong Kong. They also receive support from offices in Shanghai and Beijing, with the Gaungzhou office just expanding into a larger office. As of 2012, our Joint Venture between Laser Technology, Inc. and Laser Technology Asia just celebrated five years of successful business together. This venture created a sales and marketing distributorship with Best Engineering, our 20 year partner based in Hong Kong.


Japan was slowed down by two tragic disasters in 2011. One was natural and the second was nuclear. 2012 was a rebuilding year for LTI and our long time distributor, DKSH, there. At one time they were LTI’s most successful dealer in the world. They remain the second largest international market for the TruPulse with more than 6,000 sets in the market. The Forestry and Electric Power Utility markets remain as their largest targeted markets. Our products are distributed by DKSH mainly thru Hanshin, GeoSurf, Timbertech and Sunaga Impulse in this market.


ESRI Thailand has promoted LTI products for many years and have always worked closely with the electrical power utilities. One of their customers the Electric Generating Authority of Thailand has just recently purchased 460 TruPulse 200 units.


Taiwan Optical won a large contract with the Taiwan Highway Police to begin replacing the more than 100 Micro Digicam sets which they started to use over 12 years ago. The new order included 32 sets of TruCAM, 28 sets of Pico DigiCAM with the UltraLyte 100LR and 28 sets of TruFlash. This makes Taiwan the first large scale user of our newest traffic safety product - the Pico DigiCAM.


Turbo Consultancy Services Pvt Ltd., managed by Iqbal Singh Jagdeva, has been a LTI Traffic Safety Dealer since 1999. The long years of product positioning and seed marketing have begun to pay off. In 2012 , the dealer sold over 120 TruCam and is working to double that figure in 2013. Ricky D’Souza, Regional Sales Manager, has signed new dealers in new LTI markets: Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Turkministan, and Nepal.


The sales of the Criterion RD1000 are beginning to increase in the Asian and European markets. Indonesia represented by PT Siberhegindo Teknik has provided orders of more than 50 sets. They are beginning to reap the rewards of the many demonstrations conducted during the past eight years.


Laser Technology Australia has always been at the top of the International Traffic Safety list. Owned and operated by Phil Lack, they recently have begun to expand their value proposition to their customers making some additions to their staff. In 2011, they hired Kari Conroy to head up their service and technical support division. She worked in the same position at LTI for 17 years before making the move down under with her husband, Don Conroy. He took a position as a sales representative selling LTI professional measurement products. Since coming on board he has increased sales in this segment by 175%. One of the emerging customers for them in the market is the tree trimming in conjunction electrical power lines.

Australia is also an authorized service center for all traffic safety products and is a master distributor for all LTI professional measurement products. They support about 20 professional measurement dealers across the continent that sell into the forestry and electric utility markets.

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