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Laser Sensor Comparisons

Laser Sensors Comparisons

Laser Technology offers TOF (Time of Flight) laser sensors at an affordable price giving you the power of a non-contact measurement device that is highly accurate, reads over long ranges, and can read off almost any surface.

The table below gives you the main advantages of TOF (Time of Flight) Lasers in comparison with other technologies available in laser sensors.


Laser Sensors Technology Comparison Chart:

Characteristic LTI Time of flight (TOF)  Laser Phase Shift laser Ultrasonic Radar Guided Wave Radar Weigh & Cable Load Cells
Instant Response  
Low Cost  
Mat'l Density Dependent          
Unaffected by Mat'l Buildup        
Penetrates airborne particulates    
Range > 75 m        
Easy to Install      
Versatile (suites multiple apps)          


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