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Plant Management And Automation

From monitoring grain level in a silo to mounting a sensor on an overhead crane for collision avoidance, LTI sensors can be used in almost every measuring or monitoring event within your plant. Industries such as steel, mining, agriculture, wood and paper, recycling, chemical, petroleum, water treatment and management, food and medical; there are countless of applications for high performance laser sensors.

Laser Technology Industrial Sensors Plant Automation Level

Level Measurement

Acquire a measurement to materials that other technologies can’t touch and even penetrate through hostile and ambient conditions. Get level data for grain, coal, plastic pellets, kibble, oil, molten metal, foam, paint and even water.

Laser sensors offer unique measurement attributes for monitoring material levels. A small narrow beam allows the user to pinpoint measurement and avoids echoing effects of some of the other technologies. The ability to penetrate light to moderate dust levels mean LTI laser sensors are able to function accurately and reliably in harsh conditions.

Laser Technology Industrial Sensors Plant Automation Proximity

LTI sensors are ideal for aggregate or liquid container levels including silos and bins. You can even have our sensors placed into an explosion-proof, ruggedized enclosure with a tank adaptor to better accommodate for the environment you work with.

Proximity Measurement

Save yourself from a disaster with a rapid warning sensor and avoid crane collisions or safety zone perimeters. Incorporate LTI sensors for collision avoidance and proximity detection.

Laser Technology Industrial Sensors Plant Automation Count

Count Measurement

Always know what exactly what is traveling down your conveyor, no matter how fast its coming.

With our laser sensors you can quickly get stockpile profiles or always know your bearings with heavy equipment within safety zones areas. Material traveling down a conveyor can be monitored for quantity and size verification. The versatility of LTI sensors means that one sensor can be used for a number of applications, simplifying installation and usage.

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