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Security & Surveillance

Laser Technology Industrial Sensor Detect

From military and Homeland Security applications to private security and law enforcement, LTI laser sensors can be a driving force behind any intrusion detection or monitoring system. Due to the narrow beam width, rapid pulse rates and long range capabilities, you can rest assure that the instant anyone or thing breaks the beam, you’ll know exactly when and where. From triggering a video camera to start recording to guiding assistance of a manned and autonomous-reconnaissance vehicles, the applications for these sensors in security and surveillance are unlimited.


Combining long range with reflectorless technology and a constant rapid fire read-out, you will always know the exact time and location when ever the beam breaks.

Laser Technology Industrial Sensor Mapping


For topographic mapping, combine the distance to ground data with GPS and get the coordinates of all your raw measurements.


Precise and reliable height measurements can help with a safe landing, especially through fog or airborne particulates generated from propellers or high winds.

Laser Technology Industrial Sensor Height

LTI laser sensors can range to over a mile with accuracies as good as 1 inch depending on the model. Ultrafast repetition rates are available to ensure fast moving targets are captured. You can choose a fast repetition rate or an output that will directly trigger a camera or any other integrated system. If you need to penetrate through moderate dust or fog, LTI sensors can be extremely effective just by toggling into a selected target mode. All LTI sensors are intended for rugged environments and perform accurately and reliably every time.

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