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Traffic Management

LTI laser sensors are being used by transit authorities, the department of transportation as well as both public and private traffic engineering managers. The trend is becoming that more and more information is needed for traffic studies and funding applications.

Laser Technology Industrial Sensor Traffic Management - Profile

Profile Measurement

It takes an extremely rapid and highly accurate laser to collect every vehicle’s speed, height, length, and traveling distance between other vehicles.

Our laser sensors can measure speed, height, length, and vehicle spacing giving you the information needed to classify vehicle types, compile vehicle quantities, and determine traffic density based on speed and spacing.

Laser Technology Industrial Sensor Traffic Management - Detect and Count

Detect and Count

Collect and report all the data you will ever need when you submit your traffic study for future infrastructure improvements or major additions.

LTI sensors allow versatile installations using one or two sensors, overhead or side-fire installation. Beam expanding optics are even available to ensure complete lane coverage in overhead installations.

Place our intelligent laser sensors within your entire intelligent parking structure and have all the information you need for capacity limits, signage updates and even overhead obstacle clearances.

Laser Technology Industrial Sensor Traffic Management - Trigger


From red light cameras to toll booths, parking spaces, traffic lights and anything else you can think of, these sensors can make any system produce reliable results.

LTI sensors have multiple outputs, even for event triggering. This output is ideal for license plate recognition (LPR), red light camera triggering, or counting.

LTI lasers capture even the quickest vehicles with ultra-fast repetition rates and outputs. Toll booth management is handled effectively with LTI sensors, from counting axles, counting vehicles, and triggering gates.

All these traffic management applications are applicable for our sensors and will always provide reliable data.

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