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Breakthrough Products

1986 | Hydro 1

In 1986, LTI released a first of its kind laser measurement product named the Hydro 1. This product measured the underwater mapping for shipping channels. This was also the first laser measurement product created by Laser Technology. The Hydro product line expanded to include the Hydro II. 

1987 | LMDS

The LMDS was a laser that the Government asked LTI to create to use for inflight distances between planes so it could be used for de-icing training and refueling.

1991 | Marksman

In 1991, Laser Technology introduced the LTI 20/20 Marksman, the first ever commercial speed laser device and proved to the world that they were (and still are) a force to be reckoned with when it came to laser measurement tools. The world of Traffic Safety was transformed with this new product as LTI had developed a more accurate method for capturing the speed of a single vehicle even in dense traffic. Amazingly, it's narrow beam and infrared laser also made radar detectors ineffective and gave officers indisputable proof in court.

An interesting fact is even though the Marksman has been replaced with the TruSpeed, 99% of these laser speed devices that were produced by LTI are still being used by law enforcement officers today!

1992 | Criterion 400

Laser Technology broke ground in the field of Professional Measurement with the introduction of the Criterion 400 in 1992. This was the first handheld reflectorless total station in the world! It all began with a simple call with the US Forest Service who needed an electronic device that would replace the hip chain, inclinometer and calculator to quickly measure tree height and upper stem diameter. Well, it did just that and then some! LTI was the first company to integrate electronic data collection, sensors to measure inclination, azimuth and reflectorless distance measurement in an all-in-one portable design. The Criterion 400 changed the way timber was mapped and measured forever. Forestry and power utility professionals no longer had to wade through brush to reach the target location. They could get their measurements quickly, safely and accurately while standing in one location.

There are still some of the Criterion 400's out there in the field in use today. LTI has replaced them in the product line with more advanced laser measurement tools -- the Criterion RD 1000 being one of these. The Criterion 400 has gone down in history as it put LTI on the map in the field of professional measurement and GIS mapping and revolutionized all outdoor laser measurement for all time.

1993 | Custom Project for NASA

What an incredible moment it was for LTI when we were approached by NASA to develop a handheld laser that could measure both distance and speed to support Space Shuttle mission STS-49 in the retrieval of the International Telecommunications Satellite (Intelsat). Create it we did and what started out as one special laser for one specific project turned into a long-term relationship between LTI and the Shuttle program. This type of laser device was used for all shuttle missions which involved "close proximity operations" - ie. satellite deployment and retrieval or any docking maneuvers until the shuttle was grounded for good in 2011.

1994 | License Agreement with Bushnell

In 1994, Laser Technology partnered with Bushnell Optics to create the first low-cost recreational rangefinder for use in golfing and hunting. LTI not only developed the technology that makes the distance measurements possible, but we also helped design the products themselves. Today, Bushnell is the most popular recreational rangefinder in the world, and LTI is still active in developing their next generation of products.

1995 | Laser Digi Cam

Law officers got an added bonus from LTI in 1995 with the Laser Digi Cam, the first ever laser camera system. Not only could they capture speed on a single vehicle, they now had the benefit of digital imaging providing them with vehicle identification - make, model, and license plate image. Speed enforcement had taken a new bend in the road, thanks to the technology and expertise of LTI engineers.

1996 | Impulse

The Impulse, considered by LTI to be the 2nd generation Criterion, was born in 1996, providing a more compact, lower-cost professional rangefinder for use in both the professional measurement and traffic safety industries. Measuring distance and height easily and accurately made the Impulse be a favorite to use in such applications as crash/crime scene mapping, construction, forestry among many others. The product line expanded and is considered to be by far one of the most durable, reliable and widely sold professional laser rangefinder.

Although the Impulse product line has been discontinued, there are many of these models still in use throughout the world today.

1997 | UltraLyte

Laser Technology, Inc. was on a roll in creating more compact laser rangefinders and in 1997 the UltraLyte, the 2nd generation Marksman, was introduced. This provided Traffic Safety with a more compact, lower-cost speed laser that also had mapping capabilities. The UltraLyte became a favorite with officers for use in speed enforcement and crash investigation. The product line grew to include a series of models and is the most widely sold speed enforcement laser in use all over the world today.

1998 | MapStar Compass Module

Professional Measurement professionals turned their heads when the MapStar Compass Module was released in 1998. Here was an electronic compass that measured azimuth with 0.3 azimuth accuracy providing measurements with an accuracy like no other. The MapStar Compass Module had the edge over the competition as it was the only laser of its time that could pivot +/- 90 degrees while maintaining the compass sensor head level.

Since its discontinuation as a stand-alone module, Laser Technology, Inc. continuously redefines and redevelops their own proprietary compass technology and is now integrating it into many of our rangefinders today.

2000 | MapStar Angle Encoder

In 2000, LTI introduced the MapStar Angle Encoder (MSAE). This was the first digital encoder to measure horizontal angles with 0.5 angle accuracy. It also was the first product of this kind that was unaffected by local magnetic interference. Professionals could now take 3 dimensional measurements without compromising accuracy. Another decade of technology forward thinking had begun.

Presently, Laser Technology, Inc. offers a similar technology called the TruAngle and is also actively integrating this technology directly into the range finders eliminating cables and instrument set up.

2001 | Micro Digi-Cam

Speed enforcement was taken to a whole new level with the release of the Micro Digi-Cam in 2001. The 2nd generation Laser Digi-Cam, the Micro Digi-Cam was dramatically reduced in both cost and size making it a popular laser speed enforcement tool that was used by law enforcement agencies worldwide. A combination LTI laser speed device, a full-color digital camera, and an electronic data collector with software, this unique photo lidar system provided officers with the integrity and rock-solid evidence they needed for court validation.

The Micro Digi-Cam has since been placed on the shelf and other laser speed enforcement products, such as the TruCAM and the PicoDigiCam series have been introduced.

2002 | UltraLyte Compact

The UltraLyte series grew in 2002 with the introduction of the UltraLyte Compact. This was one of the smallest and most affordable speed laser devices to hit the traffic safety market at the time. Given it's 'compact' size it utilized a camcorder hand strap for stability and was one of the most popular laser speed measurement tools in the world.

The UltraLyte Compact has been placed on LTI's archival shelf, although many are still in use throughout the world today.

2003 | MapStar Compass Module II

2003 brought the MapStar Compass Module II, the 2nd generation Compass Module. The need for streamlined and easier to use menus along with a shorter calibration procedure was requested by the professional measurement industry. Laser Technology took on the challenge and provided the functionality, taking the calibration procedure down to a whopping 60 seconds or less!

Since its discontinuation, LTI continuously redefines and redevelops their own proprietary compass technology and is now integrating it into many of our rangefinders today.

2004 | Universal Laser Sensor (ULS)

Laser Technology wrote a new chapter in their book of laser measurement products when we released the Universal Laser Sensor (ULS) in 2004. This fully programmable pulsed-laser sensor gives the ability to obtain accurate measurements in a multitude of applications. Not only Professional Measurement and Traffic Safety were excited to see this product, but the Industrial world joined in to use this new laser sensor. The ULS is capable of centimeter accuracy and millimeter resolution with incredibly rapid update pulse-rates (100 Hz to 5 KHz) ranging to distances of several hundred meters away. Manufacturing uses this laser sensor for level monitoring, positioning, collision avoidance, presence detection, O.E.M., vehicle profiling and system integration for industrial applications.

2005 | Criterion RD 1000

The Criterion RD 1000 was introduced in 2005, replacing the famous Criterion 400 advancing laser measurement for forestry and natural resource management even more. The RD1000 measured the diameter and height of trees but now also measured basal area, making this the first electronic Basal Area Factor-Scope and Dendrometer in the world! We also put in an adjustable illuminated bar scales making it possible to see in all kinds of lighting conditions - saving foresters more time in the field than you can imagine. Once again LTI provided the forestry industry with a revolutionary timber cruising device.

2006 | TruPulse 200

In 2006, LTI yet again, advanced the laser measurement industry with the release of the TruPulse 200. This laser rangefinder was a unique laser disguised as a recreational rangefinder yet equipped with survey-like capabilities. Measuring HD, SD, VD and INC as well as heights and was compact and affordable too! The TruPulse 200 is one of LTI's most popular laser measurement tools used worldwide today in both the Professional Measurement and Traffic Safety industries.

2007 | TruSpeed & TruPulse 360

Laser Technology raised the bar yet again in 2007 with the release of two revolutionary laser measurement devices. With the TruSpeed laser speed measurement device we accomplished an engineering feat that no other laser measurement manufacturer had yet been able to do -- design a laser speed device that was accurate and reliable, yet be affordable enough for even the smallest of police departments to experience the benefit of lidar technology. This was only the beginning of the TruSpeed series, providing the ultimate speed enforcement tool to agencies worldwide.

Laser Technology wanted to go one step further with their TruPulse series, and went beyond that with the release of the TruPulse 360. The bar was raised again to our competitors with the introduction of our exclusive and revolutionary TruVector 360° Compass Technology - which grew from the MapStar Compass Modules - combined with an integrated compass, inclinometer and distance laser that delivers mapping-grade accuracy and the ability to shoot from any angle. Professionals could now obtain the best possible azimuth accuracy regardless of what pitch or angle they shot from. No other compass laser rangefinder can do that.

2009 | TruCAM

The next logical step for LTI in our product lineup was to take all the attributes of the MicroDigiCam and put it into a single handheld unit. We did just that in early 2009 with the release of the TruCAM - the first and only all-in-one handheld video laser speed gun. Portable, quick and easy to use, the TruCAM is the most sophisticated and globally used speed enforcement tool available today, providing officers with a complete chain of indisputable evidence.

2010 | MapStar TruAngle, LaserGIS for ArcPad

LTI released not one, but two products in 2010. We like to consider this the year for Professional Measurement laser measurement tools.

Early 2010 brought the release of the MapStar TruAngle, which replaced the MapStar Angle Encoder, offering capture of X, Y and Z coordinates for complete 3D mapping and surface modeling while measuring +/- 0.05 degrees in angular accuracy.

In September, LTI introduced LaserGIS for ArcPad - a software extension that maximizes field work productivity and easily records laser offset data with any GPS.

2011 | TruSpeed S, TruPulse 360R, TruFlash and IR Link Module

Four laser measurement products were introduced in 2011, making this year one of LTI's busiest for product releases.

In July came the TruSpeed S, a newer version of the TruSpeed, small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, a new binocular design, 7x sighting scope, rugged exterior and offering speed accuracy of +/- 1 mph and a range of 2,000 feet.

Close upon its heels, came the TruPulse 360R, offering users the same functionality as the TruPulse 360 but ruggedized and waterproof.

Then came the release of TruFlash and the IR Link Module, our newest nighttime speed enforcement tools. Using the IR Link Module, a wireless integration of TruCAM and TruFlash produces clear recognizable images at night.

2012 | LogDeck Volume Solution, TruSpeed Sx, PicoDigiCam and iPhone TruPulse Adaptor

Laser Technology spent 2012 releasing many new products, solutions and product line expansions.

LogDeck Volume Solution is a software that instantly generates the deck length and area as well as calculate the MBF for specified log species and diameters. LogDeck gives the capability to track "just in time" inventory as it comes in and out and values assets in terms of timber.

At the end of October, the TruSpeed Sx, an addition to the TruSpeed S Series, was unveiled. The Sx model measures speed but it also has a built-in tilt sensor that can calculate both horizontal, vertical and slope distances making it the ultimate tool for crash scene mapping. It is the most sophisticated speed laser on the market today that allows officers to both reconstruct a crash scene as well as enforce speed.

November brought the PicoDigiCam, a remake of the MicroDigiCam but with more advanced features offering vivid videos and license plate images to help with speed enforcement.

Last but not least, came the first step into the world of mobility - the iTelligent iPhone TruPulse Adaptor which integrates the iPhone and TruPulse making the most comprehensive system of protection and connectivity ever produced for a smart device. The iTelligent iPhone TruPulse Adaptor has since been replaced with a Universal Phone Adapter that works with all smartphone models, both iOS and Android.

2013 | TruPulse 200L & 200X laser rangefinders

2013 continued the span of new releases and product line extensions that Laser Technology has been experiencing for the last few years. It has been an exciting time of expansion and growth for LTI as the world of laser technology products and needs continue to grow worldwide.

July brought one of our biggest announcements for the year -- the expansion of our TruPulse series product line with the addition of the TruPulse 200L and the TruPulse 200X laser rangefinders. The 200X features rugged waterproof housing and produces much higher precision measurements making it perfect for any type of environment, while the 200L is a professional laser rangefinder for a consumer price.

2014 | TruSpeed Sxb with Bluetooth®, LaserSoft® SpeedCapture App, LaserSoft® Measure App

The year of 2014 started out with LTI entering more into the mobile technology field. The release of the TruSpeed Sxb laser with Bluetooth® and LaserSoft SpeedCapture App provided a powerful combination allowing law officers to capture and store pictures of speeding violations with the use of their iOS and Android smartphones or tablets. This was designed for the purposes of collecting evidence and for sending data and pictures down the road to other officers to stop violators.

For the Professional Measurement side, LTI announced the release of the LaserSoft Measure app which communicates with our TruPulse laser rangefinders with Bluetooth. The Measure app works with iOS and Android smartphones and tablets and allows users to collect and store field measurements along with a photograph of what is seen inside the sighting scope of the laser.

2015 | TruPulse Tactical

The TruPulse series expanded yet again, this time with a laser rangefinder designed specifically with superior optics and a ballistics solver that ensures an accurate shot, every time. The ideal LRF handheld made for S.W.A.T. and law enforcement snipers.

Compact and rugged, the Tactical has TruTargeting technology which automatically provides the best accuracy and acquisition distance to a given target.

2016 | TruPoint 300

Laser Technology enters into the survey-grade measurement market and redefines the total station by releasing the TruPoint 300. The first of its kind all-in-one measurement tool.

Capable of producing 3-dimensional, survey-grade measurements, this fully integrated laser is a small, lightweight and compact total station ideal for use in applications such as Crash & Crime Scene Investigation, GIS, Surveying, Construction, Electric Utilities and many more.

2017 | TruCAM II and MapSmart on Android

Exciting new enhancements are introduced with LTI's TruCAM II with AdapTec™ technology. Aim and shoot, the laser will automatically adjust the focus, iris and shutter speed. The 9.3 cm trans-reflective screen allows you to capture and clearly see the image no matter the conditions.

The release of MapSmart for Android gives professionals the ability to collect data easier, safer and more cost-effectively. Integrating with LTI's TruPulse and TruPoint laser devices for a total data collection solution, MapSmart's workflow is designed to perform like other smartphone apps.

2018 | TruPulse Models

LTI's most popular laser measurement tools get a makeover, from a new look to state-of-the-art technology enhancements.

The TruPulse 200 and 200 L models are revamped and enhanced providing higher accuracy, better target acquisition and higher range resolution.

The latest version of the TruPulse 360 offers an even more accurate electronic compass with increased distance accuracy, better target acquisition and higher azimuth accuracy.

2019 | TruPoint 200h

Once again, LTI breaks ground with new technology in the laser measurement field with the TruPoint 200h. The hybrid laser is a combination of a traditional laser rangefinder which uses pulse technology, with a laser distance meter that uses phase technology.

The TruPoint 200h provides accurate long range outdoor measurements and high accuracy to short range indoor measurements, achieving millimeter to centimeter accuracy.

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