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Laser Technology, Inc. Dares All ArcPad® Users
to Take the LaserGIS® Challenge!

July 26, 2012 -- Laser Technology, Inc. (LTI), the designer and manufacturer of the most popular line of mapping lasers and rangefinders, is daring all ArcPad® users to take a GIS mobile mapping challenge. This new campaign was officially announced at the opening day of Esri’s User Conference, July 25th 2012. The challenge is to test out an LTI TruPulse® 360 mapping laser and the LaserGIS® ArcPad® extension completely risk free without any upfront costs or obligation. This campaign is designed to persuade GIS professionals to simply "try" something that will prove to save time and money and offer an immediate ROI.

The steps to mapping faster and smarter while collecting more attribute data are simple. If you register for LTI’s 15-minute webcast, August 29th at 9:00 AM (MST), you’ll learn how easy transitioning into laser mapping can be with ArcPad. The workflow is very similar to what ArcPad users do now and all the collected field data can still transfer directly into ArcGIS®. The webcast will explain how the campaign works, who is already using the technology and what special discounts will be available for potential future purchases. The webcast will also reveal information about the unlimited access to free training videos and the available online test that will ensure important details are retained.

Implementing and updating an effective GIS program is a massive undertaking. Mobile mapping activities are typically the highest expense and most time consuming part of managing a GIS database. Using a TruPulse 360 mapping laser has a proven track record of expediting the field data collection process with remote GPS offset positioning and measuring additional attribute data such as heights, spans and elevations. The LaserGIS toolbar extension for ArcPad streamlines the workflow by quickly connecting, activating and fully utilizing LTI's TruPulse mapping laser.

"We realize for any company to invest in additional GIS-based hardware or software, it has to be easy to learn and produce a quick ROI," says Paul Adkins, Laser Technology, Inc. Marketing Manager. "That's exactly why this 'Take the LaserGIS Challenge' campaign was created. We want to give ArcPad® users an opportunity to test out the TruPulse laser and the LaserGIS extension without having to pay for anything upfront. We are so confident that the small investment in our technology will quickly pay off, and want to prove it to anyone that may be skeptical by giving them a chance to try it before they buy it."

All webcast registrants will automatically be entered for a chance to win a rugged and waterproof TruPulse® 360R mapping laser and a full license of the LaserGIS toolbar for ArcPad. You will also qualify for special bundle pricing, so when you experience the value of LTI's technology, the ROI will come that much faster.

LTI invented the first reflectorless, handheld total station 16 years ago and currently has tens-of-thousands of both commercial and government TruPulse® customers all over the world. LTI has been the leading innovators for over 25 years and are business partners with Esri as well as other GIS/GPS-related companies. Owner of over 64 laser and compass-based patents worldwide and being the only manufacturer who created a compass laser without any tilt or pitch limitations; LTI has been leading the industry of professional measurement and mapping tools.

Start experiencing the field to office synergy now and adopt a better way to mobile mapping. Take the ArcPad® LaserGIS Challenge today by registering for LTI's 15-minute webcast and start reaping the benefits of saving time and money when collecting field data.

For more information and to signup for the webinar go to LaserGIS® Challenge.


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