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Laser Technology Inc. Launches the PicoDigiCam®
The photo/video speed enforcement solution for traffic safety.

June 6, 2013 -- When we asked the Engineering team at LTI to create a product that would take the Micro DigiCam to the next level we knew we were asking a lot because the Micro DigiCam was one of the most successful photo/enforcement systems the international market had ever used.

The goal for this new unit was to increase computing capability, improve photo quality, allow for multiple lens options, add a touch screen display and to offer serial, Ethernet and USB communication ports. All this while ensuring integration with our current array of laser guns. Well, they hit this goal and more.

We, at LTI, are proud to announce the launch of the next generation of indisputable evidence; the PicoDigiCam® Based in Centennial, CO, but with far reaching impact, LTI's PicoDigiCam, along with the ardent efforts of your traffic officers, can help to make the roads and highways in your country a safer place to travel.

According the World Health Organization, traffic deaths constitute as high a number of fatalities as some of the most widely known diseases, including tuberculosis and malaria. Only aids related deaths top the chart in comparison to traffic related deaths. The PicoDigiCam can help in your efforts to mitigate and reverse this trend.

"The international traffic safety community has been waiting for just such a piece of equipment, a low cost versatile 'Fatality Fighter,' and we are looking forward to working with law enforcement agencies around the world to help them in their efforts to stem the tide of traffic related incidents." This, according to Arnie Clarke, LTI's International Sales Director.

The PicoDigiCam is an inexpensive photo/video enforcement solution that is mobile, compact and versatile and will make a wonderful addition to any department's traffic enforcement tool kit. Add to this our software enhancements for the PicoDigiCam and you will have the ability to view the images taken in the field when you get back to the office, the flexibility for printing images roadside, and, with our Software Development Kit (SDK) you can integrate our PicoDigiCam into your back office system for comprehensive traffic management.

Whether you are looking to upgrade your current LTI laser to a photo/video enforcement tool or have been looking for a comprehensive speed management enforcement solution, the PicoDigiCam is ready for duty.

For more information on the PicoDigiCam, or to setup a practical demonstration, please contact us at


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