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LaserSoft Measure Support

A smart APProach to Professional Measurement

LaserSoft Measure Support

Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions and manuals for both the Android™ and iOS smart phones for LTI's LaserSoft Measure App. If you don't find the answer you're seeking here, contact us thru the Support Form below.

Note: When app user’s tap the (?) icon from within the app, the following information comes up as "Help":


HD: Horizontal Distance
VD: Vertical Distance
SD: Slope Distance
INC: Inclination in degree
SLP: Slope percentage (VD/HD * 100)
AZ: Azimuth (spherical coordinates)


Consult the laser’s manual for details on how to perform these measurements.


Distance to an object, provides a measurement from the laser to the object. After taking a distance measurement, SD, INC, HD, and VD are displayed.


Height measurements involve a simple routine that prompts you to take 3 shots to the target: horizontal distance, top angle, and base angle. The laser uses these results to calculate the height of the target.

Missing Line

The missing line routine calculates distances and angles to describe the relationship between two points in three-dimensional space (connecting vector). This routine is ideal for span lengths, remote slope determinations, and changes in elevation from one location.

The simple routing prompts you to take two shots to targets: and . The laser uses the results to calculate five variables between the two points: Slope distance, inclination, azimuth, horizontal distance, and vertical distance.


Auto Store OFF – Prompted to add metadata for each measurement.
AutoStore ON – Quickly store each measurement without interruption.
Camera OFF – Pictures will NOT be recorded.
Camera ON – Pictures will be recorded.


AutoStore On, Camera On – Quickly store measurements and pictures without adding metadata.
AutoStore On, Camera Off – Quickly store measurements; however, pictures will not be recorded.
AutoStore Off, Camera On – Prompted to add metadata for each measurement, pictures will be recorded.
AutoStore Off, Camera Off – Prompted to add metadata for each measurement; however, pictures will not be recorded.


LTI offers optional mounting brackets for most iPhone and Android model devices. The brackets align and secure the smart device to a laser. The phone display then functions as the scope of the laser so it is easier to record pictures with measurements. Without mounting brackets, pictures can be recorded by holding the camera in the direction of the measurement.

Additionally, this application can be used without recording any pictures.

Universal Adapter Setup Instructions
The Universal Phone & Tablet Adapters will connect any smart phones or tablets to LTI's TruPulse Series lasers. Below are Setup Instruction Sheets and a How To Video that walks you through setting up your adapter.

Attaching Your Phone with the Universal Phone Adapter Video
Universal Camera Phone Adapter Setup Instruction Sheet
Universal Tablet Adapter Setup Instruction Sheet

LaserSoft Measure Manuals

Below are the available Measure App manuals for smartphones.

iOS Manual
Android Manual

LaserSoft Measure Support Form

If you have a question that is not answered here, please use the Measure App Support form.

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