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LaserSoft SpeedCapture Support

A Complete Photo Speed Enforcement System at a Fraction of the Cost!

LaserSoft SpeedCapture Support

Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions and manuals for both the Androidâ„¢ and iOS smart phones for LTI's LaserSoft SpeedCapture App. If you don't find the answer you're seeking here, contact us thru the Support Form below.

SpeedCapture Help

Below are the Frequently Asked Questions for SpeedCapture.
Note: You can get to "Help" inside the app from Enforce screen (i) icon in upper right corner as well.

Bluetooth Connection

Within a few moments of tapping "Enforce," the Bluetooth icon in the upper right-hand corner of SpeedCapture's Enforce screen should turn white. If the icon remains black, you may need to manually establish a connection between a phone and a laser device. Tap the Bluetooth icon in the upper right corner of the screen to display the list of paired Bluetooth devices to select from; the laser device can be chosen to make a connection manually. With SpeedCapture Android, the Bluetooth icon can be tapped to manually select a laser device for connection.


Enter information that will remain constant to the current set of speed measurements you will be taking such as the location and the direction you are facing, etc. These notations will be stated in the full contents of every speed measurement saved in the Logs.


Take speed measurements here that record a photograph of the offending vehicle as well as the speed, distance, date and time of the offense. Remember: if a speed measurement record is not saved, it will not be included in the Logs for download to a computer later on. Saved log HTML files must be copied from the phone to a computer to be fully viewed.


All SAVED speed measurements and the full information included therein is available in this section. From Logs, speed measurements may be reviewed or downloaded to a computer. Saved log HTML files must be copied from the phone to a computer to be fully viewed.


LTI offers optional mounting brackets for most iPhone and Android model devices. The brackets align and secure the smart device to a laser. The phone display then functions as the scope of the laser so it is easier to record pictures with measurements. Without mounting brackets, pictures can be recorded by holding the camera in the direction of the measurement.

Additionally, this application can be used without recording any pictures.

Universal Adapter Setup Instructions
The Universal Phone & Tablet Adapters will connect any smart phones or tablets to LTI's TruPulse Series lasers. Below are Setup Instruction Sheets on setting up your adapter.

Universal Tablet Adapter Setup

SpeedCapture Manuals

Below are the available SpeedCapture App manuals for smartphones.

iOS Manual
Android Manual

SpeedCapture Support Form

If you have a question that is not answered here, please use the SpeedCapture Support form.

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