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LaserSoft SpeedCapture App

A Complete Photo Speed Enforcement System at a Fraction of the Cost!

LaserSoft SpeedCapture App Overview

Capture and Store Traffic Violations with Photos

LTI's LaserSoft SpeedCapture App combined with the TruSpeed Sxb with Bluetooth® speed measurement and mapping laser provide a complete photo measurement tool for traffic enforcement. The TruSpeed Sxb laser has iOS and Android™ compatible Bluetooth® and syncs with SpeedCapture via Bluetooth to most Smartphones to create an extremely compact system. This solution has been adopted by both public and private organizations and is included in the Standard Operating Procedures of a worldwide security company.

LaserSoft SpeedCapture App
LaserSoft SpeedCapture App
Enforce More than Just Speed

Harness the 7x magnification and zero velocity features of the laser to enhance violation records with photo evidence. Here are some offenses officers are using SpeedCapture for right now:

  • Distracted driving
  • Seat belt use
  • HOV lane
  • Stop sign / light
  • Crosswalk
  • Parking

Save Time Out on the Road and Back in the Office

SpeedCapture auto-accepts speed/range data and embeds it into an image with just one button press. Location information and device serial number are also included with no data entry required by the officer. Enforcement can be done solo or as a team with instant violation image sharing. At the end of the shift, enforcement records can be uploaded to a secure department server location. These records are organized by Officer Name, date, and time so that they are easy to locate and print for court purposes.

Store Everything You Need
Speed/RangeCitation Number
Date/TimeLicense Plate/Driver's License Number
Officer NameType of Offense
Type of OffenseSpeed Limit
Laser Serial NumberVehicle Details (Select Make/Model from Database)
 Additional Notes

Note: Universal smartphone adapter available for all phones up to 4” wide with our without cases.


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