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LaserSoft WorkSite App

Works Together With The TruPoint 200h Hybrid Laser

LaserSoft WorkSite App

Document Your World.

LaserSoft WorkSite App
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The WorkSite app is designed to work together with the TruPoint 200h and consists of 6 modules

  • Projects – create full projects with measurement records, images, and attributes and generate reports.
  • Quick Notes – save quick measurements with a short note.
  • Remote Control – Change modes and settings on a TruPoint 200h wirelessly.
  • 200h Upgrade – Upgrade laser firmware wirelessly.
  • Settings – Adjust the Project settings for the app.
  • Help – Find the app version and user’s guide here.


Download this free app for Android and iOS and is designed to extend the capability of the TruPoint 200h and make daily work easier, safer, and more efficient for professionals working in these core industries:

  • Insurance, Real Estate
  • Construction
  • Utilities
  • Forestry
  • Government Agencies


Unlike any other app from Laser Technology, WorkSite can be used without being connected to any laser and measurements from any tool can be entered into measurement records (from a TruPulse, a tape measure, or any other measurement tool).

Upload Projects to the Cloud to review, edit, and create reports for free. The Cloud includes all app functions except receiving laser data plus:

  • Re-order and organize measurement records
  • Add, subtract, multiply and divide measurement values and build estimates
  • Access photos across all projects to add them to new or existing projects
  • Use Map View to view and select projects by geography


LaserSoft WorkSite App
Screen Shot

WorkSite Projects provide maximum flexibility in documenting the assets, infrastructure or resources that are important to you.

Use Projects to be comprehensive:

  • Capture measurement records with notes and/or
  • Capture photos with or without annotations<


Combine them all in one project and create CSV, TXT, PDF, or GPX reports!

Quick Notes

Use Quick Notes to jot it down:

  • Capture measurement records
  • Add notes (or not)
  • Create a .PDF report of the info
  • Sweep the measurements away (or leave them)

200h Upgrade

The WorkSite app will always have the most recent laser firmware inside and can be used to wirelessly update laser firmware.

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