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MapStar Laser Positioning Systems

MapStar Laser Positioning Systems Overview

Laser Positioning Systems by Laser Technology
MapStar Laser Positioning Systems
by Laser Technology

LTI's MapStar Laser Positioning Systems incorporate TruPulse laser rangefinders, which measure distances and inclination angles, and a MapStar TruAngle which measures angle measurement from any desired reference point. Integrated together brings you the capability to capture X, Y and Z coordinates for complete 3D mapping and surface modeling. A complete solution for mapping and positioning that will record angle, inclination and distance to each point sighted.

A great alternative to using a total station as there's no extensive training or huge upfront financial investment required. Our modular design also allows you to use the laser as a standalone so you can become more mobile when taking just distance and height measurements. LTI's MapStar Laser Positioning System will also link directly to a GPS System and GIS data collection software solutions.

Our Laser Positioning Systems provides you with a cost effective, time-saving solution for a number of surveying and mapping tasks including: GIS data capture, GPS offset mapping, timber cruising, mine face profiling, asset mapping, construction site measurements and landscape design.

Choose the system that has the range & inclination accuracy your job requires and start mapping more and moving less.

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