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Micro Digi-Cam (MDC)

Laser Speed Enforcement + Digital Imaging + Electronic Data Collection!

The Micro Digi-Cam (MDC) has taken speed enforcement to a whole new level. This system is a combination of a LTI laser speed device, a full-color digital camera, and an electronic data collector with software which makes the integration completely seamless. This speed enforcement tool is currently being used around the world because the benefits are far too great for agencies to ignore.

Micro Digi-Cam used as a photo lidar system for speed enforcement
LTI's Micro Digi-Cam

This unique photo lidar system not only measures and records the speed and captures an image of the vehicle and license plate; it also logs the time, date, location, distance, traveling direction, operator ID and badge number, and tamper status. All this critical information gets embedded into a JPEG file, providing you with rock-solid evidence of speeding violations.

The MDC produces evidence with the utmost integrity, combining the laser’s accuracy, a camera designed for speed detection and tamperproof software.

All LTI laser speed guns have our exclusive Accuracy Validation software, which ensures the accuracy of every speed measurement before it even displays reading in the device.

MDC photo lidar system for speed enforcement

When in "auto mode", the MDC will constantly collect statistical traffic data but will only take images when vehicles are exceeding the speed limit. This will save you time with post processing, allowing you to be more productive. Using digital images, it eliminates costly and timely photo processing found with traditional cameras. It can even be used at night or for tunnel operations when used with an optional flash kit.

You can save more than 15,000 images (1-G SD card required) without skipping a beat and even print violations right in the field with an optional Bluetooth® printer. The touch screen activated software makes this system user friendly and the compact design makes it extremely portable for easy and rapid deployment.

MDC software available in over 17 languages! Contact your LTI regional sales manager or a LTI authorized dealer for more information!

Micro Digi-Cam used for speed enforcement

How the Micro DigiCam Measures Up:

  • Quickly deploy the MDC almost anywhere, at any time with far less placement restrictions than radar systems.
  • Offers quick, easy and economical post processing with minimal hardware space required for archiving.
  • Produce evidence with the utmost integrity, combining the laser's accuracy, a camera designed for speed detection and tamperproof software.
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