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Mill Operations

Know Your Inventory, Now

With the ever-fluctuating market values for wood and biomass, it is more important than ever to know exactly how much material really exists in every deck and pile. The nature of wood as a raw material can make those exact volumes difficult to determine based solely on weight – factors such as species and time from forest to market can influence actual board footage or volume from any load or pile. Despite these challenges, it is possible to get accurate volume measurements in a safe, timely, and cost-effective way.

TruPulse laser rangefinders measuring log deck inventory
TruPulse with Log Deck Volume Solution
measuring log deck inventory

Safety Above all Else

Imagine measuring log deck volumes or chip stockpiles from a safe distance, without climbing up onto material, and without any assistance required.

Production Goes Uncompromised

Multiple piles of all sizes can be measured each day. Setup takes just a few minutes and measurement duration is quick and easy. Volume results can be viewed and even printed right in the field, the moment after the last shot is taken, and you can produce reports that will impress any accountant. The process of measuring won't slow down mill production and output because you do the measurements when it fits into your operations plan and you get your results without waiting for someone else or some other entity to provide feedback.


Laser rangefinder with Log Deck measuring mill operation applications
Log Deck Volume Screen Shots

Quality within Your Budget

Alternative methods for deck and pile volume measurements can be either less safe and time-consuming or complex and expensive. Laser Technology’s Volume measurement solutions provide the accuracy of the expensive equipment with instant results - no post processing necessary.

Eliminate guesswork that leads to overages and shortages that must be accounted for. To measure the volume of decked logs efficiently and effectively, use a TruPulse laser rangefinder with Log Deck Volume software. For chip or biomass stockpiles, combine a TruPulse with MapSmart Volume software to know how much you have and to know it as often as you want.

There is no longer a need to walk around the log decks or take 'educated guesstimates' due to obstacles in the way. Once again, Laser Technology has paved the way with a solution that has revolutionized how forestry professionals get the measurements they need.

"If you can see it, you can measure it" - so measure away, check your inventory whenever you want with LTI's safe and accurate solution.

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