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Mining applications such as rock face profiling for blast design, stockpile volume measurements, and geological mapping are all critical in making smart management decisions and maintaining a safe work environment. Laser Technology has an array of laser-based measurement tools that make all these tasks easier and safer.

Laser Technology Mining

Traditional methods of acquiring measurements for blasting are becoming unacceptable due to today's demands for increased worker safety and mine productivity. That's why we have developed a laser face profiling system that takes extremely accurate measurements and will calculate bench heights, minimum and optimum burdens, and much more.

Due to the harsh conditions, we recommend a rugged and reliable TruPulse 360 R laser rangefinder and a Archer 2 Data Collector to operate our easy to use Face Profiler software.

Measuring Stockpile Volumes using LTI's TruPulse with a built-in compass along with MapSmart + Volume software, saves not only time and expense, but provides you with a safe alternative to getting the measurements needed. With our laser rangefinder, you can capture the data by standing on the ground, it's no longer necessary to climb piles. Just point, shoot and push the button.

The capability to account for your inventory on a monthly basis or do quick spot checks has now become easier, faster and safer.

Any of our laser rangefinders and MapSmart field software can even assist with your geological mapping needs. Verify distances, spans, heights, slope grades and more. Surveying the mine or on-site areas can now be done by you or one of your crew members using a TruPulse laser. Collect the production data daily and keep your crew safe while doing it.

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