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New Tactical Laser Offers Longer Range, Higher Accuracy and Height Measurements

CENTENNIAL, Colo., March 1 , 2006 - Laser Technology, Inc. (LTI), the leading manufacturer of pulse-laser distance and speed measuring instruments is announcing the release of the TruPulse™ 200, a low-cost, professional-grade laser rangefinder ideal for tactical applications. It can measure distances to targets from over 3000 feet (1000 meters) away and also has the capability to measure heights. The TruPulse is compact and lightweight, similar to a recreational rangefinder except it's 3 times more accurate and offers far more functionality.

With every press of the fire button, the TruPulse automatically provides you with 4 different types of measurements: a slope, horizontal and vertical distance as well as the degree of inclination. Knowing what each measurement represents and how it applies in a particular tactical situation can be critical when forced to make quick field decisions. The TruPulse's flexible, 3-shot height routine allows you to capture an accurate height measurement of any target – even if the target is partially obscured. A recreational rangefinder only displays the slope distance and lacks the capability to measure heights.

Some of the advanced targeting modes in the TruPulse can aid users to obtain a valid distance measurement. The closest and farthest modes automatically differentiate between individual targets that are close by each other to help eliminate false readings, and the continuous mode allows you to take a series of measurements just by holding down the fire button and scanning across multiple targets.

Having large, superior optics with 7X magnification, the TruPulse provides a crystal-clear field of view for easier targeting and offers better visibility in low-light conditions. All measurements taken are displayed within the sighting scope, so you never have to take your eye off the target. An RS232 serial port comes standard with the TruPulse 200 data communication, whereas the 200B model offers optional wireless Bluetooth® connectivity. The complete functionality, charcoal-grey color and pocket-size design makes the TruPulse a perfect tool for the tactical arena.

Laser Technology, Inc. manufactures and markets laser-based speed and distance measuring instruments, which utilize proprietary technology developed by the Company. Its products are sold worldwide and are used in a wide variety of applications, including traffic speed enforcement, tactical response, natural resource management, forestry, GIS mapping, surveying, sporting/recreational activities, and industrial process control. The Company's headquarters and primary manufacturing facilities are located in Centennial, Colorado.

Feature highlights of the TruPulse™ 200:

  • Measures horizontal, slope and vertical distance as well as the degree of inclination
  • Measure the height of any target – even if it’s partially obscured
  • 3 times more accurate than a typical recreational rangefinder
  • Ranges over 3000 ft (1000 m) to a non-reflective target
  • RS232 serial data communication (standard), Bluetooth? connectivity (optional)
  • Advanced targeting modes: closest, farthest and continuous
  • Lightweight and pocket-size design colored in charcoal-grey
  • In-scope data display with crystal-clear optics and 7 X magnification

Please have all inquires visit: or call Laser Technology, Inc. at: 1-800-280-6113.

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